Stomach Ache in Children – Identify the Underlying Cause

Stomach pain is a common condition found in children. However, diagnosing the underlying cause can pose a challenge to the pediatricians. The reasons can vary from mild disorders like gas, stress, etc., to life-threatening conditions like appendicitis.

Stomach Ache in Children – Get Detailed Information

Stomach ache in children is one of the most common complaints, which the parents are worried about. It is important to observe the overall health of the child if he has a pain in the stomach. If the child has vomiting, diarrhea or both, then it is possible that he is suffering from gastroenteritis. This condition which is sometimes referred to as “stomach flu”, is caused by a particular virus, and it cannot be cured with antibiotics. In most cases, stomach ache in children improves after some time. If the pain persists for more than 3 hours of time, it is essential to seek medical help. You can also jot down the time the pain occurs and see whether there is a specific pattern for the same.

Stomach Ache Remedies – Know it Better

There are many stomach ache remedies which are popular today. These include home remedies as well as over-the-counter medications. Some of the home remedies include stretching slowly by breathing in and out at a particular speed, drinking carbonated beverages, lying on the back and rubbing the stomach up and down, drinking herbal liquids like ginger ale, aloe vera juice, etc., which helps digestion, placing a heating pad on the stomach, and so on. The stomach ache remedies are also available easily over the counter. These medications include Gas-ex that helps to relieve the pressure caused due to gas formation, Imodium or Emetrol, which relieve the cramps associated with diarrhea, etc. You can also have a mild laxative for easy bowel movement.

Stomach Ache Causes – More Facts

Stomach pain can be a symptom of some other ailment rather than a disease in itself. In fact, it is one of the major symptoms in most of the disorders. Some of the stomach ache causes include jaundice, menstruation, indigestion, gas formation in excess, ulcers, chronic constipation, food poisoning, appendicitis, etc. Other possible causes include pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation of the gall bladder, abdominal disorder, hernia, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, gas, and the like. The abdominal pain can range from mild to moderate to severe. Anybody can get affected by this pain irrespective of the age or gender.

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