Stomach Viruses – Affecting the Small Intestine

Viral gastroenteritis or stomach flu is caused by a wide variety of stomach viruses, which actually do not affect the stomach and are even not classified as flu causing agents. These viruses primarily affecting the small intestine are most commonly ingested through affected food items.

Stomach Viruses – Types Affecting Human Beings

There are several categories of stomach viruses which have adverse effects on the overall functioning of the human gastrointestinal tracts and digestive system. These are different from the flu causing influenza viruses and are basically classified into four sub categories, namely – Rotavirus, Calicivirus, Adenovirus and Astrovirus. The Rotavirus is more prominently noticed in small children who may have diarrhea due to their effects. Calcinivirus which affects people of all ages is the major contributor to all kinds of food borne stomach ailments. Adenovirus which is again a children oriented variety has an incubation period of about a week, which makes its detection relatively delayed. The Astrovirus belongs to the category of stomach viruses that exclusively affect infants during the winter season.

Stomach Virus Symptoms – Indications to Watch Out for

The tell tale indications that are associated with stomach virus symptoms commence with vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and spasms. There may be related inflammation of the upper bowels and colon without any infections. The severity of the condition can be identified by symptoms such as loss of appetite, fever, headaches and abdominal pain and cramps. Fainting, giddiness, heart burns and blood stools are the stomach virus symptoms that require to be immediately addressed by professional medical help. In small children the symptoms could include lack of sleep, lethargic attitude, low fever and dehydration signs. Physical indications of this condition in children are sunken eyes, skin discoloration, glassy eyes and dark eye circles.

Stomach Virus Treatment – Home Remedies

If the condition can be ascertained in the initial stages and immediate stomach virus treatment can commence at home, the progress of this disease can be easily arrested and reversed. The first step towards treatment is to ensure that the dehydration caused by continuous vomiting and diarrhea is replenished with sufficient fluids. There are several traditional oral rehabilitation formulas, which can be easily prepared at home using sugar and salt additions to light juices or plain water. There are ready made formulations for rehydrations commonly available at all medicine stores. Antibiotic are not recommended at the initial stages but may be required in case the infection persists.

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