Strep Throat in Children – A Commonly Seen Condition

Strep throat is a condition which is quite common among children and it generally occurs due to bacterial action. Strep throat if left untreated can give rise to severe complications. So, medical intervention is necessary right at the outset to prevent the disease from spreading.

Strep Throat in Children – Infection of Throat

Strep throat infection in kids is usually associated with high fever. It occurs mainly due to infections in the throat and the surrounding areas. Symptoms for strep throat includes headache with an onset of sudden nausea and vomiting. There is often an abdominal pain associated with redness of the soft palate. Strep throat in children is often confused with other throat problems, so in order to determine the disease it is important to look out for any signs of large and tender lymph nodes around the neck area. One also needs to watch out for fever that lasts for more than three days. Strep throat in children generally occurs children between five and fifteen and generally manifests during winters and early spring months.

Treatment for Strep Throat – Medicines and Rest

Remedy for strep throat often includes medicines such as Tylenol, Tempra, Liquiprin, or Ibuprofen. However since the viral infection lasts for four to five days, a child is often given lots of fluids and medicine to get rid of the pain and fever. The child is advised to take rest and have hard candies to treat the sore throat. Sucking on hard candies is known to provide some amount of relief. Cough drops and pastilles is also a great reliever for sore throat. Gargling with saltwater is an effective remedy in the treatment for strep throat. Children should be administered warm tea with honey and chicken soup so that it relieves them for the soreness. Physicians often advise having lots of citrus juice for treatment for strep throat.

Antibiotics for Strep Throat – Widely Used

Antibiotics are usually prescribed when the infection of the throat becomes complicated. The infection usually lasts for five to six days and in severe cases antibiotics for strep throat is administered with the physician’s advice. It is necessary to complete the prescribed dosage of antibiotics so that there is no relapse of the disease. Penicillin and other derivatives are known to be an effective antibiotic for curing strep throat. It is also widely available and cheap. Oral penicillin V is administered for ten days at a stretch. For infected individuals, who are unable to take the dosage orally,injectable penicillin is given as a method of treatment.

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