Teething Remedies – Getting Rid of the Discomforts of Growing Teeth

Teething is an inevitable condition that all babies go through where teeth cut through the gums to emerge outside. This process is often painful and uncomfortable and following certain teething remedies can provide some solace to the baby.

Teething Remedies – Natural, Safe and Effective

The process of teething can occur at different ages for different babies. However, pain and discomfort is a common scenario for most babies. Swollen and inflamed gums, crankiness, excessive chewing, temperature increase and diarrhea are usually the associated teething symptoms. Following teething remedies help to soothe and relieve pain to a considerable extent. Most mothers use rings or pacifiers to ease pain temporarily. While this is the most common approach, other teething remedies include usage of a wet washcloth to suck on and biting on frozen fruits and vegetables, using ice cubes filled with plain water or milk or diluted chamomile tea. Gums generally tend to be painful and therefore clove oil can be used as a pain reliever. Mix one drop of clove oil with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and massage gently on the affected area. Plush chew toys, gels or your finger can be other options.

Teething Ring – Dos and Don’ts

Using a teething ring is what most mothers across the world do when their babies have a teething problem. This is generally because such rings are considered the safest and have no reported side effects. They contain no chemicals or cause any digestion problems like certain food products used to alleviate teething problems. There are different kinds of rings available today and most of them are lead free and non-toxic. While some are made from rubber, some are filled with water and can be chilled. However, all kinds need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. Liquid filled rings can be chilled but not in the freezer. You should discard a teething ring when it leaks. Do not boil these rings or use them in a dishwasher until they are labeled dishwasher safe. Do not share these rings or buy rings that are made up from several small products that are likely to cause choking.

Teething Gel – Usage and Safety

One of the common remedies to teething issues includes the usage of teething gel. There are many over the counter products available in the market today. Rubbing gel on the affected area can induce relief to the baby and suppress crankiness for a period of time. However, safety of using such gels is always questionable. While many such products have not reported to cause major issues in babies, there have been cases where babies experience breathing difficulties because of exposure to Benzocaine. This ingredient can cause bad reactions in some babies when used in higher doses or otherwise. Hence, it is imperative to use gels for teething as per your pediatrician’s advice.

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