Treatment for Cough – Curing the Respiratory Ailments

Coughing is not an illness; it is an indicator that there is an underlying problem with our respiratory system. The treatments that are recommended to cure cough aims to only soothe our body from episodes of coughing but do not relieve us from the diseases that cause the coughing.

Treatment for Cough – Understanding the Symptoms

Coughing is the natural tendency of the body to expel mucus and small particles that are blocking our air passages and throat making it impossible for the air to smoothly go in and out of our respiratory system. While coughing is natural, chronic coughing wherein the episode of coughing is on-going and excessive, indicates that the condition of our respiratory system may have a disorder. Doctors will most likely recommend several tests before they will prescribe any treatment. Since coughing is just an indicator of an underlying illness, the goal is to treat whatever it is that causes the coughing. However, since it is the coughing that makes the body uncomfortable, treatment for cough to soothe it will most likely be recommended by doctor. Treatment for cough comes in many different forms. Among these, the most popular are the over the counter medicines in the form of tablet, syrup or capsules. These medicines works differently depending on the type of cough you have. While these medicines lack evidences of effectiveness, natural home remedies became popular.

Natural Cough Remedies – Nature at its Best

Due to the lack of relevant proofs that the cough medicines and treatments have reliable effects, a lot of people turn to natural cough remedies to cure their condition. Proper hydration is one of the best known natural cough remedies. Drinking plenty of water relieves the throat from mucus formation making it easier to breath as it reduces the episodes of coughing. However, this is not recommended for infants as their liver will not be able to process it making the supply of electrolytes in their body imbalanced. Other popular forms of natural treatments are ingesting honey, using herbs like peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme and the likes, massages, and consumption of fruit juices and vegetable extracts. These alternative medicines have no proven clinical effect yet this is being widely used by people all over the world.

Best Cough Suppressant – Momentary Relief

Cough suppressant are medicines or treatments that temporarily stops a person from coughing. The best cough suppressant will relieve the person from coughing as it controls the cough reflex located in the person’s brain. In effect, cough suppressants does not cure any part of the respiratory system; it only suppresses the urge of the body to cough. Narcotics are known to be the most effective cough suppressant. Medicines in this form are addictive. This is the reason why distribution of this kind of medicines is being regulated. So far, the most effective and the safest cough suppressant under this category is dextromethorphan. This is the common ingredient found in the over the counter medicines like lozenges, syrup and capsules.

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