Achilles Tendon Pain – Resulting from an Inflammed or Injured Tendon

Achilles tendonitis is a health problem, which occurs due to inflammation and irritation in back side of ankle. Recreational athletes are more prone to this disease and chronic swelling and pain are considered to be its major symptoms.

Achilles Tendon Pain – Factors that Lead to Discomfort

Excessive usage of Achilles tendon causes inflammation, which leads to swelling and pain. Microscopic tears in tendon are the causes of chronic Achilles tendon pain. Overpronation and lack of flexibility are the other causes of this disease. It is a very common condition seen among athletes who run long distances. It may also occur due to changes in footwear and schedule of exercise training. During old age, tendons become more rigid, less flexible and are more prone to injuries. Achilles tendon pain is common among people who give excessive stress on tendon while walking.

Achilles Tendon Symptoms – Major Complaints

Pain in the backside of heel is a major complaint of Achilles tendonitis. Achilles tendon symptoms also include tenderness, soreness, stiffness and aching in tendon. There may be swelling in the lower part of your leg. You may also feel difficulty to put weight on your feet. There may be tearing or snapping sound in your leg. You may also feel difficulty to climb stairs or stand on your tiptoe. Bruises, decreased strength, degeneration, etc are the other Achilles tendon symptoms. The disease can be diagnosed by examining the ankle and foot of patients. Intensity of the disease can be determined by taking X-rays and MRI scan.

Achilles Tendon Recovery – The Treatment

It is essential to diagnose the disease accurately to get right treatment. Achilles tendon recovery includes application of ankle brace or crepe bandage during day time. You can reduce swelling by keeping your foot raised on pillows during night. Applying ice on affected areas is helpful for reducing swelling. You can reduce pain in the early stages by taking anti inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen. Trypsin- chymotrypsin and painkillers are also effective to recover from this disease. Injecting steroids is also beneficial. Physical therapies such as massage, strengthening exercises, ultra sound therapy, etc are also useful. If the problem is severe, surgical procedure is needed for Achilles tendon recovery.

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