Acute Bronchitis – Inflammation of the Bronchial Tubes

Acute bronchitis is the inflammation of the lining of the bronchi tubes, which plays a very vital role in carrying air to and fro the lungs. Unlike chronic bronchitis, this type of bronchitis is short lived and disappears with time.

Acute Bronchitis – Causes and Risk Factors

Acute bronchitis starts off as minor respirational infections and affects the nose, sinuses, throat and related areas. This occurs as a result of bacterial or fungal infection, which in turn affects the bronchial tubes also. Infants, children and elderly people stand at the risk of attaining this ailment. External factors like dust, smoke, toxic substances and other irritants can also lead to acute bronchitis. Those who smoke on a regular basis also stand at the risk of developing this disease. People with a weak immune system also get affected by cold climatic conditions and other infections with ease and are hence prone to bronchitis.

Acute Bronchitis Symptoms – Know the Signs

Inflammation in bronchial tubes can further narrow these tubes which in turn hinder air passage and results in wheezing, difficulty breathing and related problems. The hall mark symptom of this ailment is constant coughing, which produces a yellow green mucous. Coughing is body’s technique of ejecting the mucous that clogs the air passage. Some of the most common acute bronchitis symptoms are shortness of breath, weakness, fever, etc. Soreness body pain, chills, etc., are some disturbing symptoms of the same. In severe cases, one might even observe swelling in areas around feet and ankles. Chest pains or discomfort in chest are also very annoying acute bronchitis symptoms.

Acute Bronchitis Treatment – Tips

The most important step to be taken for acute bronchitis treatment is self-care. You do not need to take any medicines or antibiotics to cure the same. This disappears in a few days’ time, but you should do the necessary to prevent it from aggravating further. Ensure that you do not eat or drink anything cold during this period. Get good amount of sleep and rest to recover faster. You can also place a humidifier in the room for acute bronchitis treatment. Drink plenty of fluids and sip on hot beverages few times a day. You can take cough drops to relieve from cough or aspirin and other medicines to bring fever down.

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