Armpit Sweating – How to Eliminate the Condition and Protect the Skin

Axillary hyperhidrosis is a problem of excessive sweating in armpit and it is caused due to overstimulation of sympathetic nervous system. Emotional stimuli, stress, anxiety, some specific food, etc., are the other causes of this health problem.

Armpit Sweating – A Serious Health Problem

Some extend of sweating in armpit is normal but the term axillary hyperhidrosis is used for extreme sweat in the area of armpit. It is also accompanied by extreme hand sweating or palmer hyperhidrosis. Excessive armpit sweating is a complicated issue. Sweat glands in armpit area can be classified as Eccrine glands and Apocrine. The former produces clear watery sweat, which is odorless. The latter produces more thick sweat, which makes odor in armpit. Conservative measures such as Botox, Drionic, Odaban, Drysol, Maxim, etc., are used for controlling extreme armpit sweating. However, these measures are ineffective if the problem is very severe. In such case, surgical intervention is needed to cure it.

Armpit Skin – Bothersome Conditions

Moles, dark armpits, armpit rash, excessive sweating, armpit tags, etc., are some of the problems associated with armpit skin and these problems are highly bothersome. Small harmless benign tumours called armpit tags, can be treated by using electrolysis. Liquid nitrogen and scalpel treatment are also effective. Excessive sweating is the other problem associated with underarm skin. Deodorants are not useful for treating this skin disease and it should be treated with surgery or botox injections. Sweat glands in armpit are very high and this can be caused boil, which is a combination of dead tissue and puss. Detergents or deodorants are the root causes of boils. Frequent shaving, acanthosis nigricans, erythrasma, diabetes, etc., are the causes of dark armpits. Armpit moles are the other problems associated with armpit skin and these are usually benign. You should consult a doctor if it is painful, itchy and large. If untreated, it may lead to skin cancer.

Armpit Odor – Causes and Treatment

Bacteria, which are found in sweat, are the major reasons for armpit ordor. It may be also due to accumulation of waste products in the body. Toxins or waste products are eliminated from body by the smooth functioning of liver, kidney and GI tract. However, waste products accumulate in your body due to constipation and improper functioning of digestive system. Eating excess amount of fish, eggs, meat and drinking lots of beverages, etc., are the other cause of odor in underarm. It may be also due to liver problems, kidney problems, fungal infection, hypoglycaemia, etc. Washing underarm with hydrogen peroxide solution is very effective for treating armpit odor. Bathing daily is inevitable. You should wear loose fitting cotton fabric to fight against this health problem. You should also avoid the consumption of choline rich food. You should also avoid legumes, caffeinated drinks, meat, spices, garlic and onion from your diet. You should also avoid the use of tobacco.

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