Calf Muscle Pain – The Relief Measures Available

Often sharp pain in calf muscle jolts you awake in the middle of the night. This stiffening of the muscle and sudden cramp happens when the body reels with potassium deficiency. Often inner causes foment chronic pain and when the causes are pinned and taken out the problem eludes.

Calf Muscle Pain – Big Instigators of Calf Pain

Usually calf pain can result from harmless muscle pulls due to potassium deficiency, overwork or dehydration. Muscle cramps due to laceration, contusion, over strain, torn ligament and sprain are common in athletes. However it can also be an indication of a severe underlying life threatening disorder like cancer, deep vein thrombosis or peripheral vascular disease. Often injuries, wounds, scars and tendonitis cause calf muscle pain. Severe chronic pains perturb individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, nerve compression, diabetic neuropathy, and cellulites. Persistent calf muscle pain must not be ignored ever because medical complications as grave as amputation, nerve damage or stroke might rip up your entire life forcing you to shun daily activities.

Torn Calf Muscle – Curative Procedures

The problem of torn calf muscle is usually not a major cause for concern. If you suspect that you have a serious pain, bruising and swelling then you must cease heavy activities immediately. Start applying ice and heat and tie the affected area with a crape bandage tightly and quickly. If the doctor confirms you suspicions, then follow his advice. Usually doctors recommend rest and pain relievers. Wait for the internal bleeding to stop and you can slowly start resuming daily activities. A torn calf muscle takes approximately two months to heal and in 90% cases it will heal without surgery.

Calf Muscle Treatment – Dietary Changes

Certain dietary changes can bring down persistent calf pains. Often certain potassium rich foods provide ultimate calf muscle treatment. There are certain vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, beans and tomatoes which must be incorporated in our diets to solve the pain. Fruits like raisins, grapes, bananas, apricots, grapes, dates have good amounts of potassium and if it is a deficiency related problem then it will be solved. You may also consider having potatoes, corn and red meats like lamb and pork. To avoid cramps keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and fruit juices. For immediate relief hot compressions, massages and stretch exercises might work.

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