Chronic Gastritis – Diagnosing the Symptoms and Food that Trigger the Condition

The term chronic gastritis is used to describe inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Unlike acute gastritis, it develops slowly over a period of time and last for longer durations.

Chronic Gastritis – Causes and Risk Factors

Overall functioning of the digestive system depends on the kind of foods we eat. Consumption of spicy foods rich in fats on a regular basis can trigger chronic gastritis. However, apart from foods an array of other factors can initiate the same. Usage of certain medications like pain killers etc. for prolonged period of time can lead to similar digestive disorders. Those who consume alcohol on a regular basis also stand at the risk of developing gastric problems. With progressing age the stomach lining which acts as a protective shield for the system corrodes and become thinner. This is the reason why more of elderly population suffer from gastritis. However, chronic gastritis can also be associated with some underlying infection or disease.

Symptoms of Gastritis – Know the Signs

The degree and intensity of signs might vary from person to person depending on their condition. The most prominent symptoms of gastritis are constant belching or burping. These are accompanied with excruciating pain in the upper or lower abdomen due to accumulation of gas within the system. Under certain circumstances, the pain might also extend towards the areas around chest. Other hallmark signs of gastritis are feeling of bloating and flatulence within the stomach. Nauseating feeling, vomiting sensations etc. are also few among the most annoying signs of this disorder. Appearances of blood in stool or vomit are very severe symptoms of gastritis and should not be left untreated.

Gastritis Foods – List

In order to prevent gastritis, one must pay special attention towards their diet. Inclusion of all sorts of fibre rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains etc. to your diet will keep all sorts of digestive disorders at bay. Gastritis foods list must be free of foods containing spices and unhealthy fats. Also reduce your consumption of canned and preserved foods as the preservative and additives present in those can have an adverse effect on your digestive system. Refrain from having caffeine containing and carbonated beverages in excess as these can generate gas. You can replace such beverages with few cups of herbal teas.

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