Constipation in Adults – Intestinal Obstruction that Causes Difficulty and Discomforts

Constipation refers to reduced or no bowel movements, which causes difficulty in passing stools. The symptom is common in elderly adults, and may be caused due to various reasons including certain diseases.

Constipation in Adults – Common Causes of the Discomfort

Constipation is approximately five times more common in adults as compared to the young age groups. There are many reasons for constipation in adults. Poor diet can be a leading cause. Foods that are poor in fibers and rich in animal fats can lead to constipation remarkably easily. Refined sugar that is not very rich in fibers also can lead to constipation. Insufficient fluid intake can also pave the way for the discomfort. Caffeine and alcohol causes increased frequency in urination and, therefore, minimal water content for causing easy bowel movement, and therefore can lead to constipation in adults. Poor bowel routine can also lead to reduced excretion. In some cases, medications like antacids, which contain aluminum hydroxide and calcium carbonate, can cause trouble for bowel movement.

Symptoms of Constipation – Commonly Seen Ones

The symptoms of constipation in adults vary widely, and there is a wide range of symptoms based on the individual’s bowel pattern, diet, age, health condition, etc. The person may experience difficulty in initiating or ending the bowel movement. They can also feel infrequent and hard stool passage. The person can pass hard stool after extended straining. If the person has irritable bowel syndrome, he can experience abdominal cramps, excessive sense of bloating in the abdomen, change from normal bowel habits. The individual suffering from intestinal obstruction may suffer from nausea, vomiting and inability to pass gas. Distended abdomen, headaches, appetite loss can also be experienced repeatedly. Furred or coated tongue, foul breath and insipid taste in the mouth are also other common symptoms of constipation.

Remedy for Constipation – Instant Cure

Simple Constipation can be cured effectively using home remedies exceedingly easily. Aloe juice and aloe latex are some of the commonly used laxatives used as a remedy for constipation. If this treatment fails you can try using mineral oils as the laxative agents, which are useful for short term relief from constipation. However, it might also lead to diarrhea if consumed in a large amount. Sodium docusate, calcium docusate, can provide immediate relief for constipation. However, their use is not recommended for patients who are relieving from heart attacks and for pregnant mothers, as well. Fiber supplements like miralax, amitiza, non absorbing sugars like lactulose, sorbitol, are effective and can be consumed safe. Saline laxatives like Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Phospho-soda, fleet enema, provide effective relief. Propulsid is useful among patients who suffer from slow fecal movement.

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