Constipation Treatment – Curing the Condition of Intestinal Obstruction

For keeping constipation at bay it is important to intake fibre daily in one’s diet. To stop fibre from getting hardened in intestine, drinking lots of water is advisable.

Constipation Treatment – Ways to Resolve the Problem

The problem of constipation can affect people of any age group. Treatment for constipation is generally recommended depending on the age of an individual as well as the severity of the condition. Depending on preferences, one can go for prescription pills or natural medicines for constipation treatment. Many people go for natural treatments. It is fine for general constipation but someone suffering from chronic constipation should consult a doctor for getting long term relief from this menace. In some cases, people may need specific medication for getting rid of constipation. Drinking Aloe Vera juice is thought to be an excellent remedy for this ailment. This is a natural constipation treatment grown up lot can opt for. Those who intake Aloe Vera juice daily can expect smooth bowl movements. In some cases, using probiotic supplement proves to be helpful for treating constipation.

Home Remedy for Constipation – Plenty of Options

For constipation that is not complicated or much painful, people can opt for natural and homemade remedies. There are a number of fruits that can help in this condition. If you believe in resorting to home remedy for constipation, try high fiber vegetables and fruits. Apple is one such fruit that can be used for treating cases of constipation. Eating an apple daily will keep constipation at bay. For kids who do not like eating fruits much, Apple juice can serve the same purpose. For treating this condition, grape juice and grapes also serve the purpose well. Grapes are rich in organic acid and cellulose which make them effective laxative. For treating constipation in children, extract of soaked raisins also work well. Another popular home remedy for constipation is prune juice. There are other natural laxatives like fig and lemon that can be used for this purpose.

Constipation Diet – Do’s and Don’ts

Apart from using natural laxatives, people suffering from constipations should be careful about their diet and food habits. It is not necessary to make a drastic change in one’s diet to fight this menace. It is necessary to include fruits with laxative content in diet though. An effective constipation diet should include green leafy vegetables like celery, broccoli and lettuce as all these are enriched with fiber. It is important to eat fiber rich fruits without peeling off their outer layer or skin. Whole grains like oatmeal and wheat flour should also be included in a diet meant for treating constipation. People suffering from this ailment should evade eating fried and fatty foods including red meat.

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