Cracked Heel – An Embarrassing Condition of the Foot

Cracked heels, also known as heel fissures, are not just another cosmetic problem. This can aggravate, if not cared for, and cause immense amount of pain and discomfort.

Cracked Heel – Causes and Risk Factors

Cracked heel is a common problem and can occur as a result of expansion of the layer of fat, present beneath the heel bone towards either side. This in turn can result in formation of cracks on the hard skin of the heels, which can even bleed in extreme cases. Those who stand and walk for long duration’s everyday often attain heel fissures. Obese people also stand at a high risk of developing cracked heel. Those who wear open footwear are also likely to suffer from the same because the fat layer has lot of scope to expand further from such open foot wears. Rough and dry heels are prone to develop cracks as such type of skin lacks elasticity.

Heel Treatment – Various Methods

One can seek assistance from their podiatrist for heel treatment. Meticulous debridement is a commonly administered technique to cure heel fissures. This involves scrapping off or shaving the rough and dry skin using proteolytic enzymes or other techniques. Next stage involves healing the treated portion. Serious cases might require several sessions of debridement. Strapping or applying a tape on the heels fissures for certain duration of time is also very effective heel treatment. Those with less severe fissures might be suggested the use of heel cups in their foot wear. These heel cups act as a cushion and copes with the expansion of fat layer as a result of pressure on heels.

Feet Remedies – Simple Tips

One of the most effective feet remedies to treat heel fissures is applying petroleum jelly on affected areas. One can massage their feet using the same and cover their feet with loose polythene bags and go to bed in the night. Regular pedicure is a must to eliminate dead skin cells, which otherwise accumulates gradually and forms a rough layer on the heels. Apply a nourishing moisturising lotion at least two times a day is one of the best feet remedies. You can also try massaging your feet with almond oil, olive oil, or any oil of your choice to prevent dryness.

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