Exhaustion Symptoms – Factors Indicating Loss of Energy from Body

The various factors that indicate loss of energy from the body is a direct result of physical and mental stress levels when the coping mechanism has broken down. The most common exhaustion symptoms include excessive fatigue, irritability and demoralization.

Exhaustion Symptoms – Telltale Indicators to Watch out for

The means by which the exhaustion symptoms display themselves in a variety of ways depend on the nature of stress and the individual’s capacity to cope with them. The initial indications are feeling tired without any apparent reason, stressed out conditions, unable to recoup after illness, dragging one’s self through the day’s activities and struggling to keep up with requirements of daily life. In the aggravated stages these symptoms will turn into reduced drive for sex, general disinterest in matters that were fun earlier, trouble in getting up in the morning, excessive dependence of coffee, tea and cigarettes and general weakness in the limbs. These exhaustion symptoms if not treated in the early stages can even lead to more serious situations like cardiac arrest and similar medical conditions.

Adrenal Exhaustion – Accompanying Thyroid Problems

The malfunction of the adrenal glands can lead to the condition of adrenal exhaustion which is primarily caused by low levels of two important hormones, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine which are secreted by the adrenal medulla. The requirement of these two hormones is to act as the nervous system’s response to stressful situations. In absence of adequate amount of these hormones the mind stays over stimulated for a longer period of time which is the basic cause for exhaustion. The associated indications of adrenal exhaustion include non refreshing sleep, difficulty in concentration, poor digestion, food allergies and sensitivity to cold. Medical treatment for this disorder can provide early relief.

Extreme Fatigue in Women – Common Causes

While in most cases the extreme fatigue in women is caused by hectic lifestyle and demands of family commitments, there are also several medical conditions which may play a role. Hematochromatosis that results in excessive deposits of iron in the liver and anaemia which occurs due to decreased content of red blood cells are the most causes for these symptoms in many women. Lyme disease and fibromyalgia are two other important medical conditions that may be responsible for feeling of exhaustion experienced by women. Excess fatigue syndrome is a genetically linked and hereditary disease, which will have severe exhaustion symptoms associated with it for women. Eating certain types of natural foods and doctor prescribed vitamins can provide significant improvement in these situations.

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