Feet Massage – Kneading and Rubbing to Relax Your Feet and Legs

The kneading and rubbing that is involved in a feet massage to relax the feet and legs is not only a soothing experience but also provides a host of health benefits. The therapeutic massage of feet is associated with reflexology and acupressure systems in its health implications.

Feet Massage – World of Benefits

There are several benefits associated with a good feet massage, which range from general feeling of relaxation to better functioning of various body systems. The soothing feelings accompanied with a sense of rejuvenation from such a massage are the most visible gains that are popular among most people. Increased blood circulation resulting from a proper massage of the legs helps remove toxins from the systems at a faster rate to provide better cleansing of the essential systems. Massage facilitates the various systems of the body to function in balance and harmony with each other causing a state described as Homeostasis, which is highly recommended by holistic living specialists. Enhanced immunity from feet massage is another great benefit that can be derived in the process.

Foot Rub – Reflexology Implications

The foot rub is one of the most preferred practices of reflexology for achieving various health benefits. Diabetic foot ulcers caused due to insufficient local circulation of blood is countered through rubbing of the feet on a regular basis. Pressure on the feet by the rubbing method is used by acupressure and reflexology specialists to reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression among terminally ill cancer patients. Post operative pain is also reduced to a great extent by the use of rubbing in correct manner. Peripheral artery disease, which is caused by hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels can be cured through regular foot rub, which tends to loosen the arteries thereby facilitating free circulation.

Foot Massage Techniques – Tips

There are certain foot massage techniques which are essential for deriving the most pleasant and rejuvenating experience from the process while imbibing the health benefits that are associated with it. Hands and fingers should be cleaned thoroughly before starting to give a massage. Light touches during a massage session can be ticklish and distracting and therefore must be avoided. Firm yet gentle pressure holds the secret to great massages. All the nooks and corners of the feet must be attended to carefully to achieve the desired results of relaxation. The lotion being applied should be checked for reaction prior to spreading it all over the feet.

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