Foot Callus – Treatments for Eliminating the Unsightly Condition

Callus is a thickening of skin and it occurs due to constant pressure, friction or irritations. Usually, it appears on feet due to frequent walking and most of the calluses are harmless too. However, these may cause some serious health problems such as infection or skin ulceration.

Foot Callus – The Causes and Symptoms

Callus occurs due to gathering of dead skin and it appears in the form of ball on the foot, under the big toe and the heel. Foot callus is more common among women because of the constant use of high heeled footwear. Obesity, flat feet, gait abnormalities, usage of small shoes, etc., are the other causes of this skin problem. It occurs due to excessive and continuous pressure on a particular area of foot. Hardening the skin is the major symptom of foot callus. You may also feel pain on the foot when you bear weight and discomfort when you wear high heeled shoes.

Callus Treatment – The Remedies

You can treat callus depending on the cause. However, it is always advisable to prevent it than callus treatment. You should select footwear that fits your foot perfectly. You can also use skin dresses, protective pads, gloves, etc., to prevent the formation of callus on the foot. Irritation may be due to poor sensation and circulation. So you should consult a doctor for finding out the causes for irritation and rubbing. Callus treatment also includes the application of moleskin on the affected area. Trimming or cutting the callus with a knife or blade may leads to dangerous health problems so this should be strictly avoided.

Callus Removal – Treat it at Home

Modern technology provides you the freedom of removing callus at home in an easy and painless way. You can buy a lot of good quality products for callus removal. Mix iodine, bran and borax soap powder with warm water and soak your feet in it for around 20 minutes. You can also prevent it by using some moisturizer regularly. Soaking feet in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water is also effective for removing callus. It is also be removed by using surgical methods but it very complex and is used for severe conditions. You should not use these home remedies for callus removal if you are suffering from diabetes because these may lead to infection and further complications.

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