Foot Products – Proper Care for Your Feet

In order to maintain the beauty and health of the feet, one can use various chemical and organic foot products. These products are available in the form of creams, lotions and scrubs, with each of them being suited for a specific purpose.

Foot Products – Wide Uses in Health Care

One of the main uses of foot products in the field of health care lies in the treatment of diabetes. There are creams, scrubs and foot soaks which are specially designed to suit the needs of diabetic patients, who are prone to the condition of foot ulcers and foot infections. These products which mostly contain antioxidants and vitamins, help in stimulating the circulation and also helps in nourishing the skin, thereby maintaining the health of the feet. There are also various foot care products that are available for treating common conditions of the feet like nail fungus, athlete’s feet and corns. One of the other major uses of foot products lie in promoting body detoxification. For this purpose, one can avail a spa treatment, where foot soaks which contain a mixture of various essential oils, vitamin extracts and sea salt minerals are made use of. Or else, you can also use a homemade foot soak by mixing together one cup of milk, half a cup of honey and half a cup of Epsom salts.

Foot Scrub – Promotes Exfoliation

In order to free your feet from rough and dead skin and to make it smooth, you can make use of foot scrubs. This foot care product, which is an essential component of all pedicure treatments, is usually available in the form of creams. Chemical variants of this product contain hydroxy acids like salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which possess excellent exfoliating properties. Instead of using the commercial varieties, you can also prepare a foot scrub by making use of natural products. One easy recipe for preparing such a scrub suggests the use of brown sugar, oatmeal, honey, olive oil and lemon juice. These ingredients when mixed together will result in the formation of a scrub with a grainy texture. The scrub is to be massaged thoroughly all over the foot and heel areas and is to be rinsed off later with warm water.

Foot Lotion – For Smooth Skin

The best way to get rid of dried skin on the feet is by using a foot lotion. This is a foot care product which will hydrate the skin of the feet, thus making it smooth and supple. One such homemade moisturizing lotion for the feet can be prepared by heating together 1 teaspoon of borax, 2 cups of distilled water and a quarter cup of coconut oil. To the heated mixture add 1 tablespoon each of shea butter and cocoa butter and beat the mixture until a smooth consistency is obtained. This foot lotion thus prepared, is to be stored in an air tight bottle and can be used after it has cooled down. For obtaining best results, it is recommended that you apply a generous amount of the lotion at least twice a day.

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