Glute Exercise – Poweful Workouts for Toning Your Glute Muscles

There are quite a number of ways to shape up the butt as well as tighten the rear. The exercises typically range from simple walking to biking, and may involve stretches such as squats and lunges.

Glute Exercise – Most Common Activities to Acquire a Round Butt

Walking is a simple glute exercise, which can be done almost anywhere without having to use any special implement. Here, there’s no learning curve to be concerned about and it can even be carried out all throughout the day. For more effectiveness, walking up on hills may be opted since this mainly focuses in working at the butt. Aside from that, running can be an excellent option too. It is easy and accessible, and is not limited in improving the shape and tightness of the rear but could also contribute in relieving stress and in losing weight. Another efficient glute exercise is biking. It is good for the heart and tends to target not just the butt but the hips and thighs as well.

Glute Stretches – Popular Squat and Lunge Drills

One of the widely held glute stretches is the hover squat, which can be easily performed by sitting on an elevated step bench with the dumbbells on the shoulders, and then lifting off to stand but discontinue midway to hover for a while. The push is then continued all the way to the standing position and the exercise is repeated. The hopping side lunges, on the other hand, are glute stretches that begin by bending the knees to a small squat, hopping to the right direction as far as one can, and then landing on the right foot. Right after the land, the left is hopped as far as possible and then landed. The exercise is executed with the legs down and the torso lifted. Finally, repeat the exercise with the buns kept firmly.

Best Glute Exercises – Other Stretching Ideas

Some of the best glute exercises that can be employed are the hill sprints and single leg dead-lifts. The hill sprint is carried out by running some short sprints up the stairs or hills in order to set the glute muscles on fire, and then executing the run quickly with the legs lifted and the bottom firmly squeezed. Perform this exercise for half a minute and walk back for recovery. Furthermore, the other best glute exercises are the single leg dead-lifts which can be accomplished by holding two dumbbells on the sides, lifting the left foot to the back, and then bending forward at the waist with the balance kept on the right leg. The dumbbells are then lowered to the floor and finally squeezed. The person returns to the original position and repeats the drill.

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