Growth Hormone Therapy – For Treating Those with Growth Failure

Growth hormone therapy promotes the increase in height, restore physiological functions and improve overall health. The treatments involve daily hormone injections that are administered daily and nutritional supplements.

Growth Hormone Therapy Stimulates Release of Growth Factors

Individuals who wish to grow taller can ask their family doctors about growth hormone therapy. The hormones are released by somatotropin cells found in the anterior pituitary and contains about 190 amino acids. It is a catalyst in several physiological processes like metabolism and bone expansion. The growth hormone therapy involves the stimulation of certain tissues and the liver in order to release an insulin growth factor. Once it is secreted it encourages the production of cartilage cells. The result is a growth in the bone structure. It also signals the growth of muscles and organs. Doctors prescribe the therapy to children and adults who do not have enough hormones that can stimulate bone growth.

Growth Hormone Injections – Attain Height Potential

Children and adults can reach their height potential growth hormone injections. The all-protein formulation has to be injected in the subcutaneous tissue, the layer of fats under the skin. The protein cannot be taken orally because it will be digested in the stomach will not be able to create the insulin-like growth factors. The growth hormone injections must be administered daily. Those under therapy will undergo injection training by a nurse or a doctor. Apart from the proper way of administering the hormones, patients will also be oriented on the possible injection sites. The kit comes with a daily tracker to remind patients to stick to the schedule, and to monitor site rotations.

Growth Hormone Supplements – Age Defying

Adults can increase their height and improve muscles with growth hormone supplements. Regular intake can encourage the pituitary gland to naturally produce hormones that stimulate growth. By drinking four pills a day, the supplements can help the body restore the hormones that were produced during a person’s youth. Growth hormone supplements contain natural ingredients tribulus terrestris, GTF chromium, pituitary powder that have been proven to improve height deficiency. The natural ingredients can also clear skin while removing signs of aging like laugh lines, wrinkles, and age spots and crows feet. It also strengthens the immune system, increase metabolism, burns fat and promotes better memory and focus.

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