Heartburn Treatment – Curing the Painful Burning Sensation of the Chest

There are countless ways to treat severe chest pains that is caused by the stomach acids that splash up in the esophagus. Remedies generally focus onto stopping the acid reflux and these include medication, avoidance of certain foods, and other natural antidotes like aloe vera juice and slippery elms.

Heartburn Treatment – Most Common Therapeutic Approaches

One popular heartburn treatment is antacids, which are generally prescribed to aid in neutralizing stomach acids. It may come in tablet or liquid form and the common brands include Rolaids, Tums, and Mylanta. Another remedy makes use of natural solutions as an alternative treatment to heartburn. Here, the stress that helps trigger the condition is reduced through mild exercise, massage, and aromatherapy. Even avoidance of certain foods can be an excellent heartburn treatment since it contributes in controlling the symptoms. Finally, changing one’s lifestyle such as getting rid of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol may also be of great help.

Heartburn Home Remedies – Easy Treatment Methods

One of the effective heartburn home remedies is getting active after every meal in order to encourage a more dynamic digestive process. This includes activities like taking a walk around the park and playing with the kids. Sleep is another aspect that one can improve to diminish the problems caused by severe chest pain. Stomach acids can be prevented from rising up to the esophagus if bigger pillows are used upon lying. Other known heartburn home remedies include the baking soda and candies. Mixing baking soda into warm water can help neutralize the stomach’s acidity, while eating hard candies gives off saliva that washes away the acid that rises up to the esophagus.

Remedy for Heartburn – Natural Heartburn Solutions

One popular natural remedy for heartburn is the aloe vera juice, which contributes in soothing the irritated esophagus. Most extracts of such plant may be found in different forms such as pill or gel that can be taken about twenty minutes before eating a meal. The slippery elm can also be utilized to reduce the irritation brought by the condition through the gel-like ingredient it contains. Even the herbal marshmallow is a great remedy for heartburn as well. Its tea is ideal for those who frequently suffer from severe chest pains. Other recommended natural remedies include the avoidance of foods that cause heartburns like chocolates, citrus fruits, and spicy foods, control from the habit of smoking, as well as reduction of stress through yoga and other stress-relieving activities.

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