Ionic Detox – Enable Complete Body Healing and Detoxification

An ionic detox session is observed to offer the body a lot of benefits by utilizing the principle of reflexology and ionization. The therapy rids the body of accumulated toxins. It is required to undergo several sessions to obtain best results with each session lasting for approximately thirty minutes.

Ionic Detox – Need and Process

A simple and powerful way to detoxify and cleanse your body on a cellular level can be achieved through the ionic detox program. The need for such a treatment is imperative today especially when your body is exposed to great levels of toxic load. The method helps to maintain good health and prevent disease. Your body is bombarded from a huge array of pesticides, colorings, additives and preservatives that get stored in tissues, nerves, arteries, organs and joints. Ionic detox detoxifies your body of these wastes and when combined with a healthy lifestyle; it helps to maintain long term wellness and high energy levels. This method generates a stream of negative and positive ions that attaches themselves to particles oppositely charged. Osmosis draws these toxins out of your body through pores of your feet and cleanses your body.

Ionic Cleanse – Benefits to your Body

The modern energy therapy device helps to balance body’s natural energy system. The principle of reflexology and science of osmosis and ionization is responsible for the ionic cleanse. It has been identified and proved that this process improves joint pain, arthritis and chronic fatigue. It works well to alleviate concentration problems and insomnia. Poor circulation in your body and heavy metal toxicity are combated through ionic cleanse. The method helps to deal with allergies, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin conditions. A positive change in hormonal imbalance, low sex drive and weak immune system can be noticed through this method. The therapy improves organ system functions, muscle strength and increases motion range. It neutralizes free radicals and decreases pain.

Ionic Foot Detox – Methodology Involved

The person who receives ionic foot detox relaxes comfortably while feet are bathed in container of warm ionized water. Throughout the session, you will observe that water changes colors as toxins are neutralized and pulled from your body. Color changes are noticed because of the reaction between toxins and particles in water. 20% to 40% of residues found in water are the regional toxins and remaining constitutes toxins pulled from body. Different colors represent different kinds of detoxification. Orange depicts detoxification from joints, dark green pertains to gall bladder, black relates to liver, white foam pertains to lymphatic system and so on.

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