Pain in Wrist – Recognizing the Subtle and Serious Symptoms

Wrist pain is a common health problem, which occurs due to various reasons. Accurate diagnosis is essential for finding the underlying cause of pain because doctors prescribe treatment based on the causes.

Pain in Wrist – Annoying Symptoms

Wrist pain affects people irrespective of age and gender and inflammation or bruise is the major symptom. Other symptoms of pain in wrist are swelling and stiffness, redness, joint pain, difficulty to move wrist, difficulty in gripping, etc. You may also feel inability to carry objects and straighten the wrist. If you feel warmth and fever along with these symptoms, it may be due to infection in the wrist. Women are highly vulnerable to pain in wrist during the time of menopause and pregnancy because of the huge hormonal changes in their body. Children are more prone to wrist pain because injuries in their wrists are very common. You should consult a doctor if the symptoms are very severe.

Wrist Pain Causes – Leading Factors

Fractures and sprains due to sudden injuries are the major wrist pain causes. It can also be due to tendonitis, ganglion cyst, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, sports injuries, arthritis and repetitive stress. Surgery, nerve compression, infection in wrist, fibromyalgia and cyst are the other wrist pain causes. It may be also due to some other factors such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, etc. Some serious wrist pain may lead to life threatening diseases like tumors, serious fractures and septic arthritis. The other potential complications of the disease are severe discomfort, loss of sensation, paralysis, spread of cancer and infection, etc. You can cure moderate and mild wrist pain with some home remedies. However, if the problem is very severe, you should consult a doctor immediately to prevent complications.

Wrist Pain Treatment – Remedial Measures

Proper diagnosis is needed for finding the underlying cause of wrist pain and doctors prescribe medicine based on the causes. Rest and modification of activities are the primary treatments for wrist pain. However, prolonged rest may lead to stiffness in joints. Wrist pain treatment also includes heat and ice application, usage of wrist support, taking anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone injections, etc. Wrapping the wrist with elastic bandage, chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy, etc., are also very effective. Severe wrist pain can be cured by undergoing arthroscopic surgery. However, you should consult a doctor before adopting a method for wrist pain treatment.

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