Pilates Fitness – A New Age Fitness Trend

Training core muscles of the abdomen, back, buttock, and hips is the prime focus of pilates that also aids in developing mind body coordination. For weight loss, couple pilates exercises with cardio workouts.

Pilates Fitness – Mind and Body Synergy

Apart from the conventional cardio and weight training, there are many other alternative workouts that are fancied by fitness enthusiasts. Pilates fitness is one of the best healthcare options as it aims not only at physical fitness but also for mental wellbeing. It strengthens muscles making them agile and also synchronizes the mind and body. For this, it is important to concentrate properly and breathe correctly taking in oxygen which refreshes and energizes the mind. The exercises are extremely beneficial for spine health making it strong, flexible, and promoting its stability. Pilates fitness training helps to acquire a strong, slender, and lean body.

Pilates Workouts – Strong Muscles

Resistance training equipment is used during pilates workouts like padded mat, trapeze table, wunda chair, pedi-pole, spine corrector, ladder barrel, etc. Numerous range of motion exercises are practiced and weights are seldom used. Pilates strengthens all core muscles of back, abdomen, butt, and hips while simultaneously working out ligaments and joints in the body. This enhances capability of the body to execute stable and enduring movements making the exercise an excellent choice for athletes. Most exercises belong to the powerhouse group that is good for abdomens. While doing pilates workouts, keep the spine relaxed but upright attaining a position in between arched and straight with the head in alignment with the spine.

Pilates Weight Loss

Although the exercise primarily focuses on co-ordination between body and mind as well as building lean muscle, it does help to shed pounds as the muscle tissue developed aids in burning calories during day, even while resting. Generally a pilates weight loss plan incorporates cardio routine along with strength training and always begin with 30 minute cardio workouts like jogging, cycling, swimming or elliptical training. By increasing speed of exercises one can burn greater number of calories but one should be able to maintain the tempo throughout the workout. Practice pilates regularly on 3 to 6 days in a week in order to lose weight and adopt a healthy diet consisting of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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