Pleurisy Causes – The Reasons that Lead to the Inflammatory Condition

Infection of the double layer of membrane around the lungs and ribcage, which in turn leads to inflammation of the affected areas is one of the most important pleurisy causes. The inflamed condition of the membrane results in acute pain during sneezing or coughing in this situation.

Pleurisy Causes – Plethora of Factors

The factors that are attributed as pleurisy causes are multiple conditions which may manifest the signs of this disorder. The primary factors are bacterial, fungal or viral infections, toxic chemicals ingested through inhalation and collagen vascular diseases. When cancer of the lungs or breasts spreads to the pleura region the indications of pleurisy arise. Tumors affecting the pleura like mesothelioma and sarcoma can also create similar conditions in the body. Blood inside the vessels leading to the lungs reduce supply of oxygen and blood and are therefore the most dangerous pleurisy causes. Other abnormalities like congestion of the heart, abdominal disorders, rib fractures and certain medicines are capable of creating the discomforts associated with this condition.

Symptoms of Pleurisy – Diagnosing Accurately

The diagnosis of the symptoms of pleurisy is extremely important to be able to take remedial actions at the earliest so as to prevent aggravation of the condition. The most common and easily identifiable indications of pleurisy include a sharp pain in the chest area which keeps getting aggravated with the process of breathing. This pain is quite distinct from the cardiac related pains as it is similar to a stabbing sensation which is also accompanied by shortness of breath. These indications if occur along with inflammation of the area around the heart and are associated with cardiac arrests then it can be pin pointed as symptoms of pleurisy. The friction due to rubbing of the two inflamed membranes can be felt and heard using a stethoscope on the affected area.

Pleurisy Treatment – Modern Developments

Any method of pleurisy treatment must be oriented towards alleviating the disease causing the pain. Applying an external splint or administering pain killers can help the pain significantly. A modern approach to such treatment is removal of fluids accumulated in the chest cavity through advanced equipments without affecting any other body functions. Antibiotics are also employed in case there is indication of infection in the extracted fluids. A chest drainage tube can be inserted to remove pus if formed by suction methods to relieve the chest of the acute pains. The accurate diagnosis of the actual cause is absolutely essential for the correct treatment practice.

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