Qigong Healing – Chinese Breathing Exercises for Health Improvement

Qigong healing exercises balances the body system by strengthening the inner energy. It improves the body system as it relaxes the mind and uplifts the human spirit.

Qigong Healing Strengthens, Cleanses and Circulates Energy

Gentle motion, breathing and meditation comprise the powerful method of qigong healing. The practice strengthens, cleanses and circulates the energy in the body. It clears the mind and leads the body to vitality. Qigong healing movements can control stress to avoid anxiety, and frustration that lead to high blood pressure. This leads to a balance well-being and more positive outlook towards life. It is also called nei gong which means inner work and dao yin which means guiding energy. Regular mediation and breathing exercise can help cure asthma, cancer, fatigue headaches and other common ailments. Healers and gurus practice the method to prevent burn out.

Qigong Meditation Releases Emotional Tension

Stress reduction, improved blood flow, and mental coherence are just some of the benefits of qigong meditation. The calming exercise opens the heart and releases emotional tension in order to become more responsive. Stress is caused by a clogged mind and only regular qigong meditationcan clear the brain waves. It is also a good exercise for active minds. It expands one’s ability to concentrate, and trains the attention to focus on the job at hand. It releases negativity and programs the mind to focus on the good at hand. And because the mind is at peace, spiritual empowerment is can be achieved. It encourages the individual to take an active role in creating their desired life.

Qigong Breathing Sustains Energy Balance

The energy life force in the body can sustain balance with regular qigong breathing exercises. Emotions can lead our body to react in certain ways. This is why too much stress can result to illnesses. Qigong breathing trains the body to rebalance its energy while going through our day-to-day challenges. Regular practice can improve mental and physical health which is a catalyst to one’s productivity and accomplishment. Human beings are influenced by what they see and hear from their surroundings. Therefore there must be a conscious effort to always balance the inner energy, since people tend to react over the negative factor around them. Qigong can help the mind transcend the physical and develop a higher level of thinking which can control the outcome of events.

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