Reflexology Massage – Acupressure and Massage in One Go

Reflexology massage heals problem areas by applying pressure on the reflex points located in the hands and feet. The natural therapy improves circulation, reduces tension and restores the body’s ability to heal itself.

Reflexology Massage – Healing Through Pressure Points

The connection of the hands and feet to the other parts of the body is the healing power behind reflexology massage. Applying pressure on strategic points can heal or correct a problem area in the body. If a person has a weak liver, reflexology massage can be applied on the foot area to improve liver function. Reflexologists are guided with a map that indicates the connection of the body systems to the hands and feet. The hand movements during the massage focus on specific points of the feet, hands and ears. These areas are usually pointed so that movements can hit the exact location that corresponds to the ailing body part. The massage can heal the body systems as well as organs, like bladder and kidneys.

Feet Reflexology – Restores Functions and Circulation

The body can restore its healthy balance through feet reflexology. The natural therapy involves the application of pressure on particular areas of the feet that is somehow connected to a particular body part. Feet reflexology charts give the exact location of these reflexes. The pressure points contain the nerve endings and soft tissues, which improves with the right circular movement. The organs on the left side of the body can be healed by massaging the left foot while the organs on the right side can improve by massaging the right foot. The actual technique affects the reflex. It is not painful except for areas that are swollen and tender. The areas will improve once the muscles have relaxed and blood circulation has improved.

Benefits of Reflexology – Relieves Discomfort

A feeling of renewed energy and a wonderful sense of well-being are just some of the benefits of reflexology. Massaging specific areas of the hands and feet can help relieve symptoms of migraine, constipation, digestive problems, insomnia, sinus problems, breathing disorders, digestive and circulatory problems. Other benefits of reflexology include improved oxygen supply and the removal of toxins from the body’s lymphatic systems. The thumb pressure from the massage clears all types of congestion thereby restoring normal functions. With the blockage gone, energy can flow freely in the body. Because of the relaxed state the heart can stimulate the brain into thinking and behaving in a more relaxed manner.

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