Running Workouts – Easy Way of Staying Fit and Fine

Running workouts burn lots of calories, improve muscle condition and build endurance. This practical sport is open to anyone and only requires good running shoes and lots of motivation.

Running Workouts – Consistent Training is a Must

People who wish to stay fit while strengthening their leg muscles can do regular running workouts. Unlike other exercises that require the presence of a trainer or special equipment, the vigorous training can be done anytime, anywhere, alone or with a group. But in order to see the results running workouts require following a strict schedule in order to maintain motivation. There is a daily goal, which builds up regularly to a more challenging goal. Training should be consistent otherwise it is always back to square one. Beginners can start with a four-week program, which builds up to a one mile distance. There is a slight increase in distance every week and by the end of the four weeks the participant should be able to run a one mile distance without stopping.

Running Stretches – Improve Leg Flexibility

Athletes improve their flexibility by starting their workout with running stretches. The lower leg muscles are often overworked and so it is important to perform calf stretches by leaning against the wall with one leg bent forward and the other one extending back. Hold the position for 15 to 30 second and repeat with the opposite leg. Quadriceps curl is one of the most important running stretches. This is done by standing straight and holding your right foot with your right hand. Hold for 15 minutes and then repeat with the opposite leg. For stronger leg lifts stretch your flexor muscles by doing lunge position. Keep the back straight, extend your hips forward and press down. Hold for 15 seconds and switch sides.

Exercises for Running – Maintain Endurance

Free weights and fitness machines provide effective exercises for running. In order to attain the much needed endurance for this challenging activity, runners need to focus on strengthening the basic muscle groups. Regular exercises for running should start with dumbbell squats that tone the leg muscles. If the workout is done at the gym the leg press machine can achieve the same effect. It is advisable to follow this with leg extensions for the quadriceps and leg curls for the ham strings. The strength training should also include toe raise with weights for the shin muscles. Upper body workout is also essential for running. These include bench press for chest muscles, bent over row for the middle and upper back and over head press for the shoulders.

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