Severe Asthma Attack – Life Threatening Respiratory Failures

Asthma is a chronic, respiratory disease that affects the lungs, further leading to the narrowing and inflammation of the air passages in the lungs. If not treated properly, the condition can become a life threatening one.

Severe Asthma Attack – a Grave Condition

Severe asthma attack, which is a sudden worsening of asthma symptoms, is more common among children and young adults, wherein allergens are considered to be the main trigger of this condition. A recent study showed that children with Vitamin D deficiency were more likely to have severe asthma attacks. While it is not proven that vitamin D deficiency causes the attacks, or taking vitamin supplements would prevent it, researchers said that there could be a possible role of vitamin D in asthma exacerbation. Severe asthma can be characterized by symptoms like difficulty in breathing, fast rate of heart beat, rapid respiration, and severe wheezing. A person suffering from this condition will experience lack of proper oxygen supply, which in turn will make his or her skin turn a shade of purple. In certain extreme cases, the patient will experience acute respiratory failure. Severe asthma attacks are a lot complicated, wherein both the air passages in the lungs become completely blocked, and completely disturbs the respiratory mechanism of the body.

Asthma Spray – Quick Asthma Relief

An asthma spray or an asthma inhaler is a device which is prescribed to patients diagnosed with asthma. This spray which provides quick relief from the symptoms, helps in the direct delivery of the asthma medication to the blocked air ways in the lungs, thus helping in clearing them. You should shake the asthma spray well before using it to ensure that the medications inside are evenly mixed. Exhale completely and place the open inhaler in your mouth and spray it. After spraying, inhale as long as possible to get the full effect of the asthma spray. When your lungs are full, hold your breath for 10 seconds and then slowly exhale. There are many types of inhalers which can be used for short term or long term relief.

Severe Asthma Attack Treatment

The first line of severe asthma attack treatment is quick relief inhaled asthma medications or asthma sprays. In some cases the asthma spray may not work and the patient needs to be hospitalized and other injectable medications may have to be given. Some patients may even need to be put for some time on a mechanical ventilator, which is a device that helps the patient to breathe.

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