Shoulder Pain Symptoms – Discomfort and Soreness of the Shoulder

In order to get a proper treatment and medication of soreness and discomfort of the shoulder, it is imperative to make a correct diagnosis of the root cause of the pain.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms – Specific Disorder

Depending upon the shoulder pain symptoms, doctors can advise about the therapy required to alleviate the discomfort. There can be several reasons for tenderness in the shoulder. A quite common cause for the pain can be due to sports injuries. There can be swelling or bruise resulting in mild or intense pain restricting arm movement. One of the shoulder pain symptoms can be dislocation when a perceptible deformity of shoulder can occur. As a consequence severe pain, inflammation and inability to move the shoulder may arise. The condition of Myofascial Pain Syndrome i.e muscle injury or excessive exertion of some muscle, ligament or tendon can also result in shoulder stiffness. A tear in rotator cuff which facilitates the arm to rotate and gives firmness to the ball and socket joint of the shoulder can be extremely painful. Calcium deposit within the tendons of rotator cuff also gives rise to soreness of shoulders. A rupture of biceps tendon and torn labrum can also cause terrible pain. Inflammation of joints resulting in arthritis can cause joint distension, reduced movement, redness and stiffness of the shoulder.

Pain in Right Shoulder – Body Malfunction

It is common knowledge that pain in the left shoulder is an indication of heart attack. However, pain in right shoulder can be a clue to malfunctioning of some body parts too which may need instant attention of a physician. A person suffering from gall bladder disease or gallstones will suffer a shoulder pain akin to knotted muscle in mild or severe form radiating out. An immediate surgical treatment may be required. Pain in right shoulder can be experienced if the patient is suffering from liver abscess wherein bacteria damage a portion of the liver making a hole in it. This hole gets infected and shoulder pain can be accompanied by fever, influenza symptoms and possibly jaundice. Immediate medical attention is considered necessary. Breast cancer in women can trigger pain in right shoulder blade or exactly below the shoulder blade. It is an indication that cancer has spread from the right breast and has advanced. There are other reasons for discomfort in the right shoulder such as esophagus disorder, stomach and pancreas ulcer, viral respiratory infection, inflammation in the diaphragm etc. A simple strained nerve, muscle spasm or injury of some kind can also result in stiffness in the right shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms – Adhesive Capsulitis

Medically termed as Adhesive Capsulitis, frozen shoulder can be a very painful experience for the patient. It generally emerges in people above the age of forty and occurs due to inflammation and stiffness in the shoulder joints causing persistent pain. It may be caused by some injury or distress. Frozen shoulder symptoms are described by severe immobilization of the shoulders and arm movement making it difficult to perform everyday jobs, continuous discomfort which worsens during nights or in colder weather leading to inability to get proper sleep and very slow recovery causing depression and frustration to the patient. An unexpected jolt may prompt a sudden increase in immense throbbing pain and spasms that can continue for sometime. Frozen shoulder symptoms can continue from five months to three years. Patients enduring Adhesive Capsulitis are at a risk of suffering from diabetes, stroke, lung disease and heart disease. Physiotherapy and stretching are vital treatment in such cases.

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