Stiff Neck Causes – Reasons Behind the Sore Neck

Although stiff neck only lasts for a couple of days, other cases have long-term effects which usually affect one’s daily activities. Causes of the said condition typically include improper sleeping position, flu, and stress. Treatment may involve using neck pillows and taking massage and medication.

Stiff Neck Causes – Most Common Reasons Identified

Some of the stiff neck causes are the improper sleeping position and head jutting. Insufficient support to the neck caused by the use of too bulky or too flat pillows cause strain or muscle spasm to the neck, while head jutting can be due to poor posture, and other strange head angles. Even meningitis and whiplash can also contribute to the pain in the neck. Moreover, cold and flu symptoms, and stress are the other known stiff neck causes as well. Because of the flu, people have the tendency to hold their bodies in a different way, which leads to stiff neck and sore throat. Stress, on the other hand, causes stiff neck in the sense that the body tensions cause several muscles to stiffen up.

Stiff Neck Remedies – Popular Home Solutions

Cold and hot compress are just some of the widely held stiff neck remedies that can be easily prepared at home. Through the use of ice pack or towel dipped in a hot water on the sore neck muscles, the condition is relieved. Hot showers can also contribute in relaxing the tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. Aside from that, use of liniment and pain relievers such as aspirin and other analgesics can be good options for stiff neck remedies as well. Rotating the head and neck gently in an alternate clockwise-counterclockwise pattern may also be helpful, just as the use of neck or ortho pillows.

Stiff Neck Treatment – Other Methods

Another known stiff neck treatment is the use of chiropractor, which gives relief through the gentle manipulation of the spine as well as taking off the pressure in the sensitive areas. Other alternatives may include the application of massage and acupressure. The latter eradicates pain when the condition is muscular, while the former relieves the pain by putting pressure on certain acu-points. Even yoga and stretching are effective in treating stiff neck too. Simply by performing some simple yoga poses or stretches, muscle tensions are released. Other stiff neck remedies further include heat therapy and medication. Heat therapy employs a heating pad or heat patch to release the tension thereby eliminating the pain and tightness, while over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen help in dulling the pain and inflammation.

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