Swimmers Ear Treatment – Remedies for the Painful Inflammation of the Outer Ear

Swimmers ear is a painful condition of the outer or visible portion of the ear and ear canal. Swimmers ear can be treated either by home remedies or by seeking intervention of your medical practitioner.

Swimmers Ear Treatment – Combines Cleaning Process and Antifungal Drops

While men and women are affected by swimmers ear condition equally, teenagers and children are more vulnerable to this ear infection. Swimmers ear treatment is primarily aimed at both symptom relief as well as a cure for infection. It is extremely important to clean your ear thoroughly, treat infection and inflammation, minimize pain, get sample of culture and drainage and prevent factors creating infection. Where there is large amount of debris or drainage, your doctor will clean your canal and ear before placing medicine inside. Swimmers ear treatment by your doctor includes cleaning ear canal with plastic loop or wire using suction device. He then places a foam wick on which antifungal drops are doused. The wick swells up and positions medicine against skin lining. In extremely severe cases, oral antibiotics are prescribed. Acidifying and antiseptic agents are other solutions to this infection.

Swimmers Ear Home Remedy – Treatment and Prevention Tips

Bacteria in water are the primary culprit in causing swimmers ear. To avoid this problem, make sure you swim in non-polluted water. Swimmers ear home remedy is intended to kill the bacteria or inhibit its growth. Where there has been an occurrence of swimmers ear in the past, the problem could occur again. The best way to prevent the onset of this infection is to practice good ear hygiene. Make use of a blow dryer on the lowest setting to dry your ear after swimming. Do not insert your fingernail or Q-Tip into your ear. Do not scratch your ear to avoid cuts. You can make a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar and put a few drops in your ear after swimming. Use earplugs when you swim to avoid water clogging. Yet another swimmer ear home remedy is to apply warmth since it relieves pain. Avoiding further trauma to ear is important to treat this infection.

Swimmers Ear Drops – Recommended Safe and Effective

Ear drops are usually considered to be one of the best remedies to swimmers ear. Oral antibiotics are only used as a last resort when infection spreads outside ear canal. Antibiotic and antiseptic ear drops offer effective and safe relief and inhibits growth of bacteria. Ear drops should be administered in the right way. It is always recommended to take the advice of a medical expert. Swimmers ear drops prove beneficial only when administered properly. 2 drops of isopropyl alcohol can also be used with a medicine dropper into your ear canal; subsequently shake your head and the tilt it to drain the medicine out. This helps pulling out excess water and kills bacteria. Corticosteroid ear drops help to bring down swelling and eventually minimizes pain.

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