Symptoms of Dengue Fever – Know the Evident Signs of the Disease

Dengue fever, or the break bone fever, is a tropical disease and it is caused by dengue virus. The disease is asymptomatic or the symptoms may be mild like fever that is not complicated. In some cases, the disease may be severe and may become life threatening.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever – Significant Signs

The incubation period of dengue fever is three to fourteen days. However, it may often ranges from four to seven days. The major symptoms of dengue fever are fever and pain in the joints as well as muscles. The fever is biphasic which breaks and returns. There may be headache, nausea and vomiting. Dengue fever is also accompanied with loss of appetite. There may be rashes in the skin. In some cases, the condition may turn into hemorrhagic fever. In case of hemorrhagic fever, the symptoms are bleeding, leakage of blood plasma and reduction in blood platelets. There may be shock syndrome in which there is circulatory failure. Symptoms of dengue fever in children are common cold as well as gastroenteritis.

Dengue Fever Treatment – Medicinal Remedies

There is no specific treatment for dengue fever so the doctors giving medicines for curbing the symptoms of this disease. In the febrile stage of two to seven days, rest and paracetamol tablets are prescribed by the doctors for dengue fever treatment. Aspirin, brufen and antibiotics are also effective. Body temperature should be below 39 degrees. For patients who have moderate dehydration, oral rehydration therapy is prescribed. Food should be consumed as per the appetite. There may be complications after recovering from fever, so the patients of dengue should be observed for two days. Dengue fever treatment in the afebrile or critical stage includes bed rest, and checking the levels of platelets and haematocrit. There should be intake of oral fluids accompanied with electrolyte therapy.

Dengue Fever Vaccine – Developing Stage

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is due to the Aedes mosquito bite. Prevention methods of dengue fever involve avoiding mosquito bites. Recently, the scientists of Thailand have been successful in developing the first prototype of dengue fever vaccine. This is an important achievement for the treatment of patients. Dengue fever is a lethal disease and thus scientists all over the world are trying hard to develop an effective vaccine against it. Till then, taking some precautions against mosquito breeding and its bites are the easy solution for preventing the fever. This can be done by keeping the house and its surrounding very clean and by using mosquito repellants and nets, etc. One should replace the drums and barrels with fresh water and destroy the discarded containers such as bottles, coconut shells, tyres, etc.

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