Treatment for Tennis Elbow – Letting the Damaged Tendon Rest

Tennis elbow is a degenerative tear of tendon origins at the bone attachment and it causes immense pain on the outside of the elbow. Treating tennis elbow can be done using different methods and reducing the inflammation is the first thing to be taken care of.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow – Phases of Treatment

Tennis elbow is usually a very painful condition and derives its name from the sport because this condition was earlier predominant in Tennis players. This problem generally affects individuals in the age group of 40 and 50. A strong and sudden grip can send shocks to the upper arm thereby causing this problem. Treatment for tennis elbow begins with reducing inflammation using ice pack on the affected area for about 20 to 30 minutes at least twice every day and following up with a set of stretching exercises as directed by your doctor. The secondary treatment for tennis elbow involves oral intake of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin for controlling inflammation and pain. Strapping can also be done in order to avoid overuse of elbow during any activity. Complete rest is required during treatment and therefore it is important to prevent unnecessary movement. In severe cases of tennis elbow, surgery could be the only resort.

Tennis Elbow Surgery – Types of Procedures

The best way to treat tennis elbow is by following the conservative approach of giving ample rest to the elbow. When the patient has undergone at least six months of such treatment and still continues to experience pain and discomfort while indulging in normal activities, tennis elbow surgery is advised by the doctor. While there are different types of surgeries, the most common type involves creation of a 3-4 cm incision on the arm. Tendon sheaths are trimmed and incision subsequently closed in this tennis elbow surgery. The second type of surgery involves cutting the arm open to release tendon from bone with a scalpel. The arm is later placed in a sling in an elevated position. At least three to four weeks of rest is advised to keep the arm healthy. However, there have been cases where condition has not improved even after such invasive surgeries. Excessive straining even after healing is not advised lest it may cause permanent damage.

Tennis Elbow Exercises – Stretch and Strengthen

Stretching exercises or tennis elbow exercises are very important as a part of treating the problem. Bend your wrist backward and forward as far as possible for ten counts and 3 sets. Use your uninjured hand to bend the other wrist down and holding down the back of your hand for 20 seconds. Repeat process in the upward direction. Elbow needs to be straight during this exercise. With elbow bent at 90 degrees, turn palm upward and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat in the other direction. Elbow should be kept at your side during this exercise. Gently move your palm up to your shoulder and bend elbow as much as possible and subsequently straighten elbow as far as you can.

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