Treatment of Cystitis – Curing the Urinary Bladder Inflammations

The different kinds of treatment of cystitis involve the use of medications for pain, inflammation, and infection. Some of these treatments are easy and may be prepared at home, or bought from your local drugstore.

Treatment of Cystitis – Curing Urinary Tract Infections

At times, opportunistic bacteria such as E. coli, can cause cystitis. Should the reason for this bladder infection be bacterial in nature, then the first line of treatment would involve the use of antibiotics. The use of antibiotics in the treatment of cystitis is a priority in case an infection is suspected; it helps prevent the spread of the bacteria to other parts of the urinary tract. Antibiotics like as amoxicillin, cephalosporin, doxycycline, are among the first medications that are given. Another treatment of cystitis is a medication known as phenazopyridine, which helps in reducing the burning sensation and urgency which can be felt upon urination. Other types of medication to treat this bladder infection are anti-inflammatory medications which can help in reducing pain and fever associated with the disease.

Cystitis Diet – Foods to Eat and Avoid

The many signs and symptoms of a bladder infection can sometimes be relieved by consuming, or avoiding certain foods. A cystitis diet involves plenty of fluids; for quick relief, add a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water to alkalinize the urine’s acidity. If the bladder has some degree of damaged tissue, it is best to avoid foods that are acidic to prevent further damage and discomfort. The cystitis diet can include food groups that don’t have much acid such as mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, and tropical fruits. Avoid eating citrus fruits, chicken liver, guava, strawberries, and chocolates. Any beverage containing alcohol, or is carbonated should not be included in one’s daily diet as these can worsen some of the symptoms.

Cystitis Relief – Easy Preparations

Drinking lots of water is the most effective way to have cystitis relief; water neutralizes the acidity in the urine, and can help in flushing out bacteria. The pain in cystitis often occurs once the bladder fills up with urine, making it important to urinate each time you feel the urge. A hot sitz bath may also be beneficial in women because the steam from it can help soothe the soreness in the urethral meatus. In some studies, cumin seeds have also been used in home remedies; these are boiled with a few cups of water and mixed with sugar or honey and drunk as tea.

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