Yoga During Pregnancy – Safe Exerces for Pregnancy to Control Mind, Body and Soul

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial to both the mother and the fetus. Facilitating a smooth and natural childbirth, it also helps with the mental and physical development of the fetus. Read on to find out how yoga can help you handle your pregnancy with a positive outlook.

Yoga During Pregnancy – Different Ways of Healing

Yoga during pregnancy is practiced in various ways such as physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and deep relaxation. Gentle yoga exercises helps in keeping you active and ensures a smooth pregnancy. The chance of natural childbirth is high with yoga during pregnancy. The breathing techniques, when done properly, give abundant oxygen supply to both the mom and the fetus. Meditation helps you overcome the fears and anxiety associated with pregnancy and helps you connect with the unborn child. Deep relaxation or yogic sleep helps your body and mind to relax in preparation of childbirth. Mudras are positions of the hand and fingers that are said to lock and guide the energy flow to the brain. Women who practice yoga during pregnancy have less complication during pregnancy and delivery.

Prenatal Exercises – Beneficial and Safe

Prenatal exercises done before and during a pregnancy can bring many health benefits. They help in giving more energy and reduce any morning sickness, cramping, and mood swings. They also help in reducing fluid retention. Yoga exercises are said to influence the position of the fetus and also help in relaxing the muscles around the cervix and birth canal, thereby enabling easy labor and delivery. However, it is very essential to get your doctor’s approval before starting with any of the prenatal exercises.

Yoga in Pregnancy – Requires Expert Guidance

Yoga in pregnancy should essentially be done under an expert’s guidance. Ensure that you enroll into a special prenatal class or that you get personal attention from the expert. Make sure you do not practice any exercises from the internet or book on your own. Attending a yoga class which is exclusively for pregnant women is necessary as there are several do’s and dont’s associated with pregnancy exercises. Yoga classes for pregnant women are more gentle than a regular yoga class which is attended by everyone. Ensure to avoid extreme stretches and bends and also those poses which are uncomfortable. When done properly under the guidance of an expert, the benefits of yoga will not go unnoticed.

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