Albania Tourism – A Country Blessed with Picturesque Beauty

Albania lures the nature loving travelers with its vast forests of fir, beech, black pine and alpine grasslands. The welcoming and helpful nature of the residents has also helped in boosting the tourism industry.

Albania Tourism – Escape to the Balkan Landscape

The Republic of Albania is a nation in Southeast Europe, which is surrounded by Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro. It also has Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea on its borderline. Albania tourism has flourished since the economy of the country has been thrown open to free market reforms by the government. Even though it is not a large country, Albania boasts of a rich diverse wildlife. The natural bounty of the country is simply splendid with mountain ranges and dense forests in the borders. The forests in the country are replete with wild boars, bears and wolves. The bird lovers can witness rare avian species like Pygmy cormorant and Dalmatian pelican. The coastal regions in the southern shores house the Mediterranean monk seal, an endangered species. Albania tourism has benefitted from the beaches of the country to an extent which lures the adventure loving tourists. The tourists who love to check out the regional cuisines at a travel destination will love the food in this country. The lunch at the eating outlets comprise of fresh vegetables with olive oil, vinegar. The cities like Vlore and Saranda also offer Seafood specialties. In some cities the local cuisine comprises of pickling and smoked meat.

Albania Holidays – Best of Natural Adventures

The tourists visiting Albania should not miss Saranda. It is situated on the Ionian Sea coast. It is ideal for the tourists spending Albania holidays who want to explore Albanian Riviera-the best part of the coastline of Albania. The city has a typical mild Mediterranean climate. It has an overall sunny weather pattern which is pleasant for the visitors. The long coastline of the country allures the tourists to spend Albania holidays. A holiday in this country cannot be complete without a visit to Himara, a small port town. It is close to the territory of Greece. The beaches in the Drymades and Dhermi region are major tourist draws of Albania. The sea is crystal clear and devoid of pollution.

Albania Travel – Natural Extravaganza

The deserted beaches between Drymades and Dhermi are perfect for those tourists who love water sports like snorkeling and swimming. The Albanian Riviera stretches between Saranda and Vlore in the south-west part of the country. This is possibly one of the best beaches in Europe but owing to the previous communism rule of the country it is not much developed. Albania travel remains incomplete without visiting the Albanian Riviera. The primeval city of Butrint lures those curious about archaeology. Vlore is another attraction of the Albanian Riviera and its location is unique. It is located between Saranda and Albania’s capital Tirana. The Fortress of Gjirokastra and Rozafa Castle are two of the most popular tourist interests in Albania.

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