Bermuda Tourism – Explore the Attractions in the Lively Island

Located north of the Caribbean, island state of Bermuda is rimmed with bewitching breezy beaches intersected with caves and coves and pristine bays. It also has some brilliant maritime museum chronicling the maritime history of the region and marsh Eco system thriving in several areas.

Bermuda Tourism – Must-Sees of Bermuda

In Bermuda the colonial districts of the town of St. George are recognized as Unesco world heritage site. The area around St. have cobbled alleys and streets interspersed with town squares embellished with fountains and figurines. Maritime museum in the royal dockyard and Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo in the Flatts Village are places which give you a sneak pick into the maritime past. Bermuda tourism takes a thrilling turn when you visit the Fantasy and Crystal caves and Spittal ponds. Other places you must not miss are Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, National Trust Museum, Devils Hole Aquarium and Underwater Exploration Institute. Bermuda Tourism also becomes fun if you hire a yacht or a boat to explore coastal eco systems and reach segregated beaches in desolate corner which seldom has foot print. After you are through with these prime attractions start exploring some forts which like the Gates Fort, St Catherine fort, Fort Hamilton and Fort Scaur.

Bermuda Travel – Finger Licking Delights

When you are in Bermuda do not leave the island without tasting dishes like Cassava pie, Bermuda bananas, Bay Grape Jelly, Fish Chowder and local fish preparations. In coastal regions fishes are fresh and most local restaurants provide some excellent local preparations and Bermuda travel becomes more memorable if you can enjoy some great local flavors. Many fine eateries are located in the St. Georges city and Hamilton city. Bermuda travel is incomplete without tasting some local fish based dishes and divine cuisines which are typical Bermudan preparations. Rum Swizzle and Dark n Stormy are special rums which can be enjoyed in local pubs along with divine platters. There are local cafes everywhere offering snacks, beverages and cocktails.

Visit Bermuda – Transport and Climate

From cities like California, Philadelphia and New York regular flights connect the Bermudan mainland and this is how tourists visit Bermuda. Bermuda is best experienced in cruises and yachts. There are a number of cruises plying from Hamilton and St. Georges. Within the city you can hire taxis to go to places but they are sometimes awfully late. The best way to get about is to book tours from the hotel desks as they are more reliable and punctual. Motor bikes and cycles are best options to visit places within the city. Climate is great for travel from spring to autumn.

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