Buenos Aires Apartment – How to Rent Awesome Lofts in the Argentine Capital

For many tourists, Buenos Aires is a lot more than the capital of Argentina and the largest metropolitan in South America. Being an alluring port city with a rich cultural heritage, finding an apartment while you are in Buenos Aires is an easily accomplishable task.

Buenos Aires Apartment – Home away from Home

While in Buenos Aires, choosing an apartment for your stay is a cost-efficient choice, not having to compromise on access to modern amenities. Most Buenos Aires apartments are fully furnished with entertainment equipments, fully furnished kitchens and rooms, and other amenities as swimming pool, sauna, maid service, recreational facilities, and even internet connection on demand, thus letting you continue with home routines and enjoy homely comforts.There are budget to luxury apartments, depending on the facilities to opt to enjoy. A budget Buenos Aires apartment starts at $250 per week, inclusive of everything. Those who choose to rent the apartments for a month are lucky, as they can grab a smart deal like $550 per month. These apartments range from studio to multi bedroom, some even creating the perfect atmosphere for an outside barbeque, in a patio. As most of these apartments are located near places of interest, shopping areas and business districts, it is a better deal than having to stay at boutique hotels.Finding an apartment through an apartment agency, would spare you from signing any agreements. If not, you will need a garantia, which is assurance from an Argentinian living in Buenos Aires, vouching for you. With a valid passport or identity, the apartment can be rented. The best places to find furnished apartments are Puerto Madero, Downtown, Palermo, Belgrano, or Recoleta, where expats prefer staying.

Buenos Aires Restaurants – Assortment of Cuisines

Restaurants are plentiful in Buenos Aires, with a potpourri of cuisines and beverages. Beef being the favorite of the Argentinians, you get an excellent choice of steaks. Buenos Aires restaurants go international with the availability of multi-cuisines, especially Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the expats’ favorite of the Buenos Aires restaurants include “Café Tortoni”, “Sarkis” for delicious appetizers, “Katrine” for Mediterranean and Asian, “Xalapia” for Mexican, “La Bourgogne” for French, “La Parolaccia di Mare” for Italian and Mediterranean, “Cabana Las Lilas” and “Spettus Steak House” for sea food, meat steaks and barbecues, and “Cluny” and “Novecento” for international cuisine. La Querencia serves the finest and the most traditional Argentinian cuisines.

SPA Buenos Aires for Rejuvenation

While most of the luxury apartments offer spas, the range of services and treatments offered by the best Spa Buenos Aires is comprehensive. Some of the most popular treatments include source of wellness, source of body beauty, source of tradition, therapeutic baths, aromatherapy, and facial treatments. Dry and steam sauna is available in all the spas. Some luxury spas like the Sofitel La Reserva Cardales offer services like the vitality pool. Some offer thermal chairs for relaxation, and acupressure treatments for recovery from jetlag.

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