Buenos Aires Tours – Cool Places to Visit On Your Trip through the Argentine Capital

While you are touring in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, there are a few must-see destinations. With more expatriates to contribute to the economic benefits of this port city, touring in Buenos Aires can be a fun-filled experience.

Buenos Aires Tours – Exotic and Cost Effective

Buenos Aires tours offer package and regular tours to visit the small places and the tiny events around, and to enjoy gourmet food and wine. The city has old monuments like Plaza de Mayo and Plaza Congreso. Recoleta is its richer neighborhood with mansions and villas, and Palermo Viejo is quite outside of downtown and has all that appeals to the young generation, with impressive nightlife.Though Spanish is the official language, the increase in expatriates has created an affinity towards English. One US $ can be exchanged for 3.80 Argentine pesos. There are top notch and budget restaurants serving international and native cuisines. The restaurants serve dinner post 8.30pm, adhering to the late dinner habits of the Portenos. Public transportation like buses and subways are quite cheap, yet filthy. Taxis are economical too. Beware of purse snatchers and pick pockets, and avoid taking subways and buses at night. Accommodations range from budget stays to luxurious resorts and hotels. Apartments can be rented at reasonable rates, to have private Buenos Aires tours with families.

Buenos Aires Iguazu – Spectacular Argentianian Border

Iguazu falls creates a spectacular frontier between Argentina and Brazil. With the merging of two rivers running through Brazil, and cascading over a series of large and small waterfalls, it reaches down to the largest cataract named “Devil’s throat”, which is 83 meters high, 150 meters wide and is U shaped. More than two third of the waterfalls is that of Argentina.Buenos Aires Iguazu offers spectacular views with walkways and takes you to a point where you are surrounded by 260 degrees of waterfalls. The entrance to the Buenos Aires Iguazu is away from the falls, and a train takes you to the lower part of the falls where you can walk up to the falls. The train takes a ride uphill to have a view of the falls from an elevated point. Visitors are taken to the bottom of the waterfall in boats, to see the cloud of mist sprayed by the water reaching over 100 feet.

Tour Buenos Aires – a Melange of Adventure and Fun

Argentina tourism offers special tours for native and international tourists. There are package tours and special offers that adhere to seasonal changes. The tango tours are exciting with activities like horse riding, visiting ranches, playing pool and exploring the deltas during the day, and enjoying nighttime with tangos and dinner. The package tours include picking up from the airport and taking you to the hotel, and back. There are special tours intended to show the intimate details of the main cities and to experience adventurous sports like parachuting, paragliding, hiking, rafting and more. Buenos Aires also possess one of the world’s finest opera houses, Teatro Colon.

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