Caribbean Tourism – For Great Beach and Diving Vacations

Caribbean tourism offers a lot of scope if you are planning a beach or diving vacation with your family. Explore the scenic beauty of the islands and unleash your adventurous side in the Caribbean where millions of tourists visit annually.

Caribbean Tourism – Things to Do in the Islands

Caribbean holidays are for those with an adventurous streak. If you plan your vacation well in advance, you can land in a destination blessed with the choicest of activities. Caribbean tourism promises a perfect blend of the two. The islands offer an exciting range of activities by boat, on land, on horseback and on foot. You can choose to experience a free organized hike or join a bird-watching hike. You can kayak upriver or even in the sea. Canoe in wild rapids and falls and allocate time for mountaineering, camping and fishing. Climb an active volcano or get onto customized tours by a four wheel drive. If you are on a romantic vacation, Caribbean tourism has just the right opportunity for you. The islands are a perfect spot for weddings and honeymoons making your dreams come true. There is no dearth of land and water sports as much as there is opportunity for a very relaxing and tranquil holiday by the beach.

Caribbean Trip – Plan your Vacation

If you are planning a Caribbean trip with friends and family, there are certain aspects you should consider before you visit the islands of thousand possibilities. First and foremost, create a budget. Determine the amount of money you can afford to spend on the complete trip and thereafter break it up into numerous categories such as accommodation, food, shopping, sightseeing, activities etc. Gathering information is extremely vital since countries in the Caribbean islands are very diverse and some amount of research is required to understand each island you plan to visit. Understand the nature of visit and mode of travel. While many prefer to take a flight, more adventurous travelers choose to hire a yacht. While planning a Caribbean trip, make sure you are aware of the peak travel season that falls between December and April. However, the islands can be visited all around the year.

Caribbean Vacation Spots – Places to Explore

The Caribbean is undoubtedly a place blessed with exotic beaches, unique charm and vibrant people. The islands boast of numerous inland activities that are water based and some of the must visit Caribbean vacation spots in your itinerary should include Varadero that has clear water and white sandy beaches. Largest concentration of beautiful resorts can be found here. Stunning beaches and lovely weather belong to San Juan that is also home to beautiful cobblestone streets, forts and historic buildings. Enjoy wakeboarding, sailing, sport fishing, waterskiing and surfing at Punta Cana. Home to the popular Junkanoo Street Parade, Nassau witnesses several hundred thousands of visitors every year. For a relaxing vacation, visit Negril. Snorkeling and diving are best experienced at Grand Cayman. Curacao, Grenada and Oranjestad are other lovely islands that should be covered in your trip.

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