Colombia Travel – Essential Tips for a Safe Journey

With more than 55 preserved natural areas categorized as parkways, natural reserves, flora and fauna sanctuaries, national natural parks and distinct natural areas, traveling in Colombia is absolutely noteworthy. Seeing these places will let you realize why this country is one of the most unique countries in the world.

Colombia Travel – A Quick Glance

Colombia, the sole country in South America that has coastlines on the Caribbean Sea and North Pacific Ocean, is home to a number of different types of reserves and parks that are located across the whole territory. Most of these have been adjusted to accept different kinds of tourists and visitors from all parts of the globe. With the variety of thermal floors and landscapes, these reserves and parks provide many opportunities for getting in nature tourism, one of the ways to enjoy Colombia travel. There has been a rise on the interest of travelers to relish these serene sites, away from the noisy cities, with the rise in the number of preserved areas that feature abundant of activities and adventures. These range from galloping in parks to interesting ecological hikes in McBean Lagoon in Providencia, Isla Gorgona and Tayrona that Colombia travel can provide.

Colombia Tours – Top Destinations

The stunning snow peaks, the gentle sea, steep paths, rivers, jungles, leafy forests and springs, although having marked distinctions in their structure, is a very typical occasion to find in Colombia tours to Nevado del Huila, El Cocuy and , Los Nevados, among them. Similarly, you can uncover a number of paths that are embellished by the enduring warble of birds and aromas of flowers and plants. For example at the Tayrona, you can go through more than 200 different kinds of birds as well as a diversity of frogs, insects, reptiles and mammals that are all part of the endemic species and fauna inventory. Aside from nature tripping, visits to local communities and interactions with local people are part of what Colombia tours can offer. These will allow tourists to get acquainted with the museums, rock paintings and archaeological remains found in the region.

Holidays in Colombia – Tips

Holidays in Colombia will not be more exceptional without going to one or two of the seven most desirable tour and travel destination sites in the country namely Armenia, Cartagena, Medellin, San Andres, Santa Marta, Manizales and Bucaramanga. Vacationers are also suggested to try some of the adventure sports and recreation that make use of the land and water forms. These include cliff climbing, zip lining, rafting, waterfall rappelling, caving, sailing, snorkeling, canoeing, diving and swimming. While it is suggested to get details from the General Direction of Natural Parks on the suitable time of the year to visit a park, it is always possible for visiting any time of the year due to the advantages of having various thermal floors. Tourists are also advised to exercise alertness at all times due to unforeseeable security situation.

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