El Salvador Tourism – Traversing the Beautiful Country

El Salvador situated in Central America enjoys a tropical climate and El Salvador tourism includes visiting beaches, arts and history museums, and tasting the local cuisines. The Mayan ruins are a popular tourist attraction here, and most tourist spots are not over-crowded giving you space to relax and enjoy.

El Salvador Tourism – Explore the Beauty

El Salvador is rich in biodiversity and is a delight for tourists interested in exploring nature. El Salvador tourism options include visiting the archaeological sites in Joya de Ceren, a world heritage site, Mayan ruins and on-site museum. You can find mangrove forests, swamps, lagoons, pine forests, and volcanic landscapes with many species of animals and birds to look out for. There are plenty of water and land adventure activities for tourists. You can try mountain biking, volcano hiking, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, white water rafting and many other activities. You can also arrange for coffee tours to plantations as part of El Salvador tourism plans, and learn all about coffee production.

El Salvador Travel – Places to Visit

There are many places in El Salvador to visit, like Santa Ana, which has coffee and sugarcane plantations, La Palma, which has beaches and a pleasant weather, and Tazumal, where the Mayan ruins can be found. The Montecristo National Park and the El Imposible National Park are a must visit place during El Salvador travel. The Cerro Leon trail leads to still active smoking volcanoes. Since El Salvador is a small place, it is easy to visit most of the tourist attractions in a short time and renting a car can be the best means for commuting as the public buses tend to be crowded. Plan your El Salvador travel in advance during Easter, Christmas and New Year seasons as it is the popular time when tourists visit the place.

El Salvador Tourist – Travel Tips

An El Salvador tourist must keep in mind that street crimes are common though most of it does not involve tourists. It is always ideal to take caution and travel safe. Eco tours, nature-themed travel, and archaeology tours are the most popular options for exploring El Salvador. Surfing is very popular here and attracts many tourists. There are large shopping malls and markets where you can buy handicrafts and goods made by local artisans. There are many museums to visit in Sal Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador and the La Laguna Botanical Gardens, a place that nature lovers should not miss. There are budget hotels and luxury accommodations to suit tourists’ needs and tour operators will have customized travel plans for a satisfying tour of El Salvador.

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