Finland Tourism – Explore the Many Attractions

Finland’s welcoming people and spectacular wildlife lures the tourists. The alluring nightlife of Helsinki and snow laden landscape of Lapland are a major attraction for the visitors.

Finland Tourism – Explore The Beauty

The Republic of Finland, a Nordic country neighboring Sweden and Norway is preferred by the tourists for its serene beauty and natural bounty. Finland tourism has flourished over the decades for the magnificent flora and fauna. The wildlife of the country boasts of more than 70 fish species, 248 bird species, 60 native mammalian species and eleven reptile species. The animal lovers like the brown bear which is its national animal as well as gray wolf and reindeer. The bird lovers are lured by the Whooper Swan and Capercaillie, the country’s national bird. Finland also is the home to endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. Finland has accustomed itself with modernity in tune with leading European nations yet it has not lost touch with its vast forested wildernesses in remote interiors. The Oulanka National Park and Lemmenjoki National Park are the major tourist attractions in Finland. The summer in Finland is the perfect season for tourists. It is the time when the major towns celebrate festivals and are in a boisterous mood. The towns in Finland also contribute to Finland tourism with their cozy wooden churches, rock music and museums. The capital Helsinki also witnesses millions of footfalls all over the year.

Finland Travel – Serenity and Adventure

The tourists on a modest budget would be disheartened to know that travel to this Nordic country is not really easy on the pockets. However, a tourist aiming for Finland travel can search on the web and find budget carriers including Ryanair that offer moderately priced flights to the country. While a tour to Finland can turn out to be costly, a traveler can find some bargain deals if he decides to visit the country in summer. The hotel prices take a nosedive in summer and the restaurant rates also go down, making it the ideal season for Finland travel for someone with low budget.

Holidays in Finland – Plenty of Sightseeing

Helsinki is a major part in Finland tourism and the visitors love this city with a cosmopolitan and urban ambience. Holidays in Finland cannot be complete without a visit to the city and its National Opera. For getting an idea of the Finnish architecture, the visitors will have to see the House of Culture and Finlandia Hall. Old Rauma is another eminent tourist destination in Finland. The old Franciscan monastery and Church of Holy Cross are its major attractions. In Petajavesi, the wooden Old church also attracts lots of visitors. It was built on Nordic country style. A lot of tourists visit Oulu, a city in northern part of the country. Rovaniemi known as the nation’s administrative capital is also liked by the visitors. It has a large forest nearby which is an attraction for the tourists.

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