Florence Attractions – Places of Interest in the City of Art

Known to the world as the capital Tuscany, Florence is a perfect getaway. Captivating historic minarets, breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, fascinating coastal regions and ravishing wine yards of Florence are some of the major reasons why tourist prefer to bask under the Tuscan sun.

Florence Attractions – Embark on a Date with History

Florence is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe where renowned minarets embellished with baroque-style facades mesmerize tourists. Tours are arranged to the wine country of Tuscany where night halts in rented villas of wine barons on hillocks over looking expansive vineyards are experiences which will remain etched in the memory. Tourists are taken to several Florence attractions in Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa. Tours are also arranged to the five famed coastal ports of Cinque Terre. You can explore the cobbled lanes of the towns on foot, do some souvenir shopping and after you are through with your explorations enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks in one of the cafes. Towns of Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia are covered in this tour. Ferry services from Manarola take you to the Vernazza which is another scenic town of the region. Florence Academia, Uffizi Gallery and walking tours of Vasari Corridor are Florence attractions thoroughly enjoyed by art enthusiasts.

Florence Cathedral – A Spectacular Historic Specimen

The Basilica di Santa Maria Del Fiore better known as the Florence Cathedral is a creation of Arnolfo di Cambio and is a world reputed UNESCO world heritage site. This grand basilica was reconstructed over an original church which existed from the 5th century. As the city’s population expanded it was felt that a larger church was needed to accommodate congregations. Although work on the Florence Cathedral began in 1296, it was not until 1436 that the mammoth structure came into existence with its full glory. Other than ornate façade which is a contribution by Emilo De Fabris, the cathedral has several beautiful paintings, frescoes and wall decors. The Last Judgment details vibrantly embossed under the cathedral dome, Trompe l’oeil, fresco by Vasari and Zuccaro, alter decorations by Benedetto De Maiano and Bartolomeo Bandinelli are some of the features of the cathedral which are hugely admired.

Florence Museum – Impressive Collections

In Florence there are numerous museums studded with art antiques and intriguing items used by prominent leading men of the bygone centuries. Outstanding collections are present in Uffizi Florence museum, Academia gallery, Palatine and Modern Art Gallery, Bargello Museum, Medici Chapel and San Marco Museum. You can book tickets online prior to your visits to avoid snaked lined. Certain tours are customized to cater to the need to individuals. Tour operators have comprehensive pocket friendly packages that include entrance fees, guides, bus rides and luncheons. These tours can be both reserved online or from hotel desks which have tie-ups with major tour agents.

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