Florence Guide – Tips for the First Time Traveller

Florence, Italy is the home of the famous Renaissance painting and therefore your first visit to this historic town can be quite awe-inspiring. If you are visiting Florence for the first time, you should be sure to see various timeless pieces of art by famous painters like Michaelangelo and Botticelli.

Florence Guide – Important Information

The Italian city of Florence is a center of modern fashion, Italian commerce and Renaissance art. According to Florence guide, there are various accommodations in the city of Florence which are designed to ensure a comfortable stay for travelers. With the help of a guide you can locate facilities which provide bed and breakfasts, villas, farmhouses, apartments and hotels for every kind of budget. Many of these overlook the city’s historic parts, or they are located near the prime attractions or airports in the city. You can also follow a Florence guide in order to find good dining establishments in the city. Florence offers world class wines and cuisines.

Florence Map – Crucial Requirement for Sightseeing

Florence in Italy is a very exciting city to visit as well as to explore. You can use a Florence map to avoid losing your way around the city of Florence. Such a map will have all the well known tourist destinations marked out on it. It will also highlight the important roads and routes as well as the areas which you should stay away from in the city. The best Florence map which you can use during your tour of Florence is the Google map of Florence. This virtual map will enable you to zoom in and examine the different locations in the city from close quarters.

Florence Tour – Popular Tourist Attractions

The city of Florence attracts tourists from around the world primarily because of its exquisite architecture and scenic coastal countryside. When you are on a Florence tour, you should visit the Uffizi Gallery. It houses Renaissance art works including works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli. There are also some marvelous churches in Florence which are built in the Gothic style of architecture. During a Florence tour, you will even get the opportunity to visit other prominent Italian locations such as Tuscany, Milan and Rome. Rome and Tuscany are only an hour away from Florence will Milan takes around three hours to reach by train.

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