Florence Tourism – Travel Guidelines to the Beautiful Italian City

Florence offers a range of attractions guaranteed to delight millions of visitors every year. From the Gothic style churches, to interesting shops and cafes at the piazza, the city never ceases to provide a plethora of surprises.

Florence Tourism – Captivating Museums, Galleries and Shops

Among the cities in Italy, the art and architecture of Florence continue to captivate culture loving travellers. Florence Tourism has so much to offer like century old artisan shops, famous landmarks and fine leather products, the list can go on and on. There are markets in every neighbourhood, an interesting shop in every street and world famous museums and galleries all over the city. The best of Florence Tourism can be savored at Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. Duomo is known for its gothic style churches while Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence and is currently lined with gold and silver shops. Visitors are invited to feel the city spirit by enjoying the Florentini tradition of drinking at caffe at 11 am, just when Piazza Repubblica is bustling with energy.

Visit Florence – Historical Basilicas and Busy Piazzas

If you enjoy historical charm old and rich architecture then pack your bags and visit Florence. A dynamic city destination that has managed to preserve its old world features, its scenic attractions and colorful culture easily delight visitors from different parts of the world. Tourists visit Florence to experience the irresistible shopping experience at the numerous market places all over the city. Walking down the street is another interesting adventure with its medieval domes, and cobble stone roads that were beautifully preserved from the Renaissance period. In between the picturesque piazzas and grand basilicas are small eateries and cafes that serve fine wine, traditional pasta and gelato.

Florence Travel – Exciting City Adventure

Sight seeing attractions and fun activities will surely delight every tourist embarking on a Florence travel adventure. Art lovers should not miss viewing the Renaissance pieces at Uffizi gallery while wine connoisseurs should spend the afternoon glass clicking with the locals at Piazza della Signoria. An exciting Florence travel adventure is equivalent to a fun city walk that leads to Museo Galileo, bargain shopping at the markets of Piazza Santa Croce or a relaxing afternoon at Parco del Cascine. For a fantastic city view, head for the top of the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori. Its enormous dome almost covers the skyline and stands as a symbol of the bustling city.

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