Frankfurt Tourism – Sightseeing in the Commercial, Industrial and Financial Centre of Germany

Frankfurt, a diversified and lively metropolis in the center of Europe, provides travelers and adventurers from various parts of the world a stunning treat of urban excitement, along with the biggest airport of the continental Europe, huge exhibition central business district and the splendid skyline.

Frankfurt Tourism – Sneak Preview

Recognized in Germany as Frankfurt Am Main because of its location on the side of the River Main, Frankfurt is a big city and the largest in the German state of Hesse. Frankfurt tourism generally features more than 50 galleries and museums of Jewish, German and natural history as well as science and art, wide range of dance clubs and bars, a number of great parks and zoos, pedestrian shopping street, flourishing theater district, a notable opera house, the Main River and skyscrapers. The big part of this city has been constructed since World War 2, when Frankfurt was destroyed because of bombings. Nevertheless, several structures of historical importance, such as the Romer city hall, have been rebuilt or restored. The vast of various sites of natural beauty and economic significance as center of international trade fairs and finance are part of what Frankfurt tourism can provide.

Frankfurt Tourist – Top Destinations

Frankfurt, home to the premier stock exchange of Germany and the crucial Bundesbank, offers a number of other sides and contrasting variety for vacationers and visitors to enjoy. For Frankfurt tourists visiting the vibrant city, amusing boats along the Main are an outstanding way to start the sightseeing. Main River Cruises will allow you to see many of best waterfront sights in Frankfurt. Not far to the skyscrapers, Frankfurt tourists also can experience the comfy Ebbelwei pubs and at the center of this active city you can go through the historical sights over and over again. Aside from its most known son, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the city also highlights Paulskirche and the Kaiserdom Cathedral. Other highlights include the Frankfurt Botanical Gardens, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, Frankfurt Zoo and Apple Wine Express.

Frankfurt Travel – Other Attractions

There are other fascinating destinations for pleasure trips in and around the city. Frankfurt travel will become greater and memorable by going to the Museum Embankment that features wider array of cultural attractions and museums. These include the Stadel Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Postal Museum and the German Film Museum. Also must-see places in your Frankfurt travel are its many stylish architecture and striking landmarks. Mainly notable, you can visit the Commerzbank, the highest building in Europe; European Central Bank HQ, crucial skyscraper headquarters of the remarkable European Central Bank; Frankfurt Post Office Tower, a communication tower established in 1978 and highlights a nightclub and restaurant; Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the third biggest stock and foreign exchange market in the globe; and Main Tower, one of the highest buildings in the city and acknowledged for its splendid views.

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