Guatemala Travel – The Perfect Option for Nature Enthusiasts

Guatemala is now a tourist hotspot in Central America. The country, which has common borders with El Salvador, Mexico, Belize and Honduras, attracts tourists for its Caribbean and Pacific coastline as well as for its historical artifacts.

Guatemala Travel – Mayan Civilization Deserves Special Mention

Guatemala will surely mesmerize for its scenic beauty. The serenity and scenic beauty of the place is enough reason to attract a tourist, yet, when someone is planning for Guatemala travel, he cannot afford to miss the ruins of the Mayan civilization. Several Mayan buildings are still found here, which gives an idea of the architecture of those days. The remains of the civilization also help modern men understand the lives of people who lived during the period of 700 BC to 900 AD. Someone who is interested to get closer to its rich history can include Tikal and El Mirador in his Guatemala travel planner. Tikal is also known for its natural beauty.

Guatemala Holidays – Get Close to Nature

To make the trip a memorable one, do not forget to include the Pacific coastline in your planner. While planning your Guatemala holidays, you should book a seaside resort and enjoy a few days close to the coastline. For a memorable experience, Montericco can be an ideal choice. Apart from the coasts, the rainforests and the mountain peaks also deserve special mention, when discussing about the natural diversity of Guatemala. When you are in Guatemala, you must not miss the largest lake of this region, Lake Atitlan. The beauty of the lake has been enhanced by its exceptional surrounding. To make your Guatemala holidays, you can plan several outdoor adventures as well.

Guatemala Tours – Practical Information

Though the scenic beauty and the rich history of the place has been a cause of tourist attraction, the increasing crime rate of this place is a major drawback. To make Guatemala tours safe, you should follow the instructions of the law enforcement officials of this place. It is also recommended to take the assistance of a tourist guide, who can make you aware of the safety hazards. Follow the timings of every place to avoid any mishaps. To be on the safer side and to make the most of every moment, you spend here you should keep yourself updated with the latest news of the region, where you are traveling.

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