Haiti Travel – Experience a Touch of the Caribbean

Haiti is a wonderful spec of land in the Caribbeans fringed by beautiful beaches and dotted with historic buildings of the French colonial era. Jacmel, Port – au – Priince and Cap Haitein are some of the beautiful small coastal port towns which are impressive indeed.

Haiti Travel – Caribbean Bonanza

Even though the capital of Haiti is Port – au – Prince, this city was practically wiped out of the map by a mega earthquake which happened in 2010. Most of the infrastructure and government buildings have been leveled to the ground and this is why the place must be avoided. The second important town of Haiti is Cap- Haitein and you can commence your Haiti travel with this city which has an incredible water front and some great port architecture. Other than the port and the town the beaches of Plage Labadie and the La Citadelle la Ferrière also are wonderful. The town of Jacmel known as the handicrafts capital is a perfect place to land up after Cap Haitein. Jacmel has a tranquil presence nowadays and are ideal for those who wish to cower away from the cacophony of the city life, although the city livens up on particular occasions of festivities and carnivals. Loitering in the old quarters of Victorian era you can peek into the sprawling mansions of the nobility and marvel at the lavish interiors depicting their affluent lifestyle. Handicrafts shops allow you to admire local crafts made from wood or paper mash masks and shop souvenirs. Wrap up your Haiti Travel by visiting Massif de la Hotte and the areas of Parc National Macaya which stuns tourists with its vast expanses of cloud forests which shelter some exquisite species of birds.

Haiti Tourism – Best Seasons

This Caribbean region remains moderately sunny most of the year except for a few months during the hurricane season when the weather wreaks havoc. There are no special months tagged as peak Haiti tourism season. Many prefer to travel to Haiti in the rainy season as rain spells brings down the temperature. Remember Haiti is a poor nation and the drainage system is not very organized. This is why wet months which last from April to November might not be a good travel season as the water logging is common in the streets. Also try to avoid the hurricane months of August and September when ghastly winds batter the Caribbean coastline. The best time for Haiti tourism spans from December to March when the sun remains pleasant and mellow. Carnivals commence in February and many prefer to visit Haiti during this festive season although accommodation becomes a major issue as hotels are full.

Trip to Haiti – Accommodation Facilities

Some well equipped hotels are located in Jacmel and Cap Haitein. Although Port – au – Prince is the capital you must refrain from staying in that city as pandemonium after the earthquake still reigns. In Cap Haitein you will get comfortable accommodation in Auberge Au Picolet and Imperial. Jacmel too has some awesome places to stay. These are Hotel-le-Rendez-vous, Cap Lamandou Hotel and Hotel Cyvadier. Rooms with comfortable double or single beds with satellite TV, internet connection, air conditioners and attached bathrooms with toiletries are provided in most hotels. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation you can rent dorms with bunk beds. On a trip to Haiti booking in advance is always prudent.

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