Holidays in Switzerland – Breathtaking Scenic Delights Await You

A confluence of French, German and Italian cultures, Switzerland combines the best that Europe has to offer. Snow-glazed alpine peaks, pristine lakes, luxurious ski resorts, rolling meadows and fairytale castles – among many other attractions – have established Switzerland’s place as a top tourist destination, year after year.

Holidays in Switzerland – Something for Everyone

Holidays in Switzerland are considered an experience of a lifetime. Those who have been there, have claimed that it is the closest thing to experiencing paradise on earth. A romantic getaway for honeymooners and a spectacular ski-destination for adventure enthusiasts, the alpine-abundant, snow-capped region has something for everyone.The scenic beauty of Switzerland can be best experienced while traveling on various trains that run between its luxury resorts. Glacier Express is a popular train that runs between the resort towns of Zermatt and St Moritz. Holidays in Switzerland are incomplete without seeing the magnificent architecture of its postcard-pretty towns like Lucerne, Bern, Geneva and Ticino. The luxurious hotel Chateu de Chillon is a must-see destination for the romantics. For the sport and adventure seekers, Jungfrau region set the adrenalin rushing and make sure that holidays in Switzerland are unlike any other they have ever experienced.

Ski Resorts in Switzerland – Luxury Adventure Travel

Ski resorts in Switzerland offer an unparalleled experience to adventure enthusiasts. The picturesque alps, coupled with quality food and hospitality, perfectly complement the adrenaline rush of high altitude skiing at its many resorts. Switzerland has some of the most popular, car-free, ski resorts in Europe, which further enrich the entire skiing experience.Considered the birthplace of winter sports, St.Moritz is possibly the world’s best known ski-resort. It is renowned for the patronage it receives from the wealthy and is one of the more expensive resorts in Switzerland. It offers a variety of winter and summer sports to suit every adventure lover’s taste.Zermatt is often ranked Switzerland’s top ski resort, mostly owing to the magnificent Matterhorn mountain that towers over it. It is the highest resort in Europe and its altitude ensures that it receives huge snowfall. The ski resort built around Zermatt village is known to be a peaceful getaway which provides a picturesque experience to ski enthusiasts as well as mountaineers.Popular ski resorts in Switzerland include Davos, Gstaad, Interlaken, Grindelwald and Verbier, among many others. These resorts are easily accesible by train or car and ski equipment can usually be rented or purchased from these ski locations. They have a wide range of accomodation to suit every budget.

Switzerland Alps – Picture Perfect Landscape

Switzerland Alps make nearly three-fifths of the total area of the country, thus providing it with a magnificent landscape. Switzerland is located in the heart of the Alps mountain range which covers Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Liechenstein. Apart from hosting a number of ski resorts, the Alps are popular with climbers. The Bernese Alps region is the most accessible and visited one due its scenic beauty, mountain villages, sprawling meadows and lakes.

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